How to prepare for CBSE 10th Communicative English Exam?


Communicative English is a paper that can be quite easy for students who know Basic English grammar and sentence structuring. The communicative English paper will have a time period of 3 hours and the paper will carry a total of 100 marks. One thing all students can do is to study all their portions the same day it is taught. Communicative English can never be learned by studying it by heart. One will have to practice writing essays, letters, telegrams etc. Apart from this, the candidates will also be asked annotations of prose or poetry. Students need to be in touch with all aspects of their portions as to be able to attend these questions. Once they have learned all the important things, the paper will be very much easy for them and they won’t have any trouble scoring high marks.

How to prepare if the Communicative English Model Exam was a failure?

If the students find out that their written exam was not successful, they must start studying from the start itself. English is a subject that can be used to score marks easily. Students can divide their portions into sections and cover each time within a scheduled time. By this method they will be able to cover more and their touch with the subject will increase too. Another thing the students need to take is to not make typo errors. This is mainly because the person checking the paper will come to the conclusion that the students are not in touch with their subject. Apart from this, the students need to be careful when they are answering questions of the grammatical type. To aid them in areas like this, students can get help from their instructors. If it is possible for them, they can also buy some trustworthy guide books.

How to prepare if Communicative English Model Exam was a success?

Students who have cleared their model exam successfully really do deserve a well done remark. But, students should never become overconfident at time like this. It will never do them any good as model test papers are only precursors to the real thing. Students need to be careful and should be cautious as even simple mistakes can cause reduction in their marks. The one thing they can do to help themselves is to read each chapter and understand the basics. While going through the chapters, students can note down points in the sidelines. This will be of good help for them later. Apart from this, students can also practice on mock-up question papers. The internet will have question papers related to the syllabus. With good help from all sides, the students will definitely be able to score top marks.

Tips and Tricks for the Communicative English Exam

The CBSE exams will always be a time to fear for both students and their parents. But, there is absolutely no need for the students to be ill at ease at times like this. Students can prepare a time table and follow it without fail. Apart from this, they can seek help from their teachers or friends. Students need to find out a good place to study. They can either study at their homes or conduct a group study. The library is also a good place for the students to go and study. Nowadays, there are a lot of well liked TV programs that telecast shows that are helpful for students; mainly for students who are appearing or their board exams. Besides this, academicians from reputed colleges will also appear to help students clear their doubts. These sessions will be available round the clock at times. As mentioned earlier, surfing the internet will also aid the students to a great level.

Prescribed Books for Communicative English Exam

Guides of the NCERT will be available from all leading book stores. Guides will be available for every subject. Besides providing questions and answers in simple language, these guides will also give the students a competitive edge of mind. Apart from this, the students can also buy them from the stationary department of their schools. Some of the books that are available from Oswaal publications include:

  • Oswaal CBSE CCE Solutions - English Communicative
  • Oswaal CBSE CCE Solutions -English Language & Literature

Besides the ones cited above, lot of guide books are also available in the market to help students during the time of their exams.



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