How to prepare for CBSE 12th Biotechnology Exam?


The main aim of the introduction of the subject of Biotechnology in the academic Syllabus of XII students is to make students familiarize with different processes and techniques used in Biotechnology. The knowledge in the real time applications of biotechnology makes the student equipped with sufficient skills to obtain a bright job in the related area in future.

The booming sector of biotechnology can be considered as one of the hottest career-providing sector of India. Those students who intend a career in Biotechnology can consider this study as a stepping-stone to build up a strong base in the related area. This subject makes CBSE 12th students understandable about the relationship of the subject to agriculture and industry. It also makes the students aware about the relation of biotechnology with nutrition, health etc

How to prepare if the CBSE 12th Biotechnology Model Exam was a failure?

The main subjects included in the CBSE 12th Biotechnology syllabus are Introduction to Biotechnology, Biomolecules, Cell and Development and Genetics and Molecular Biology. The first step of study includes clear interpretation of the syllabus of study. Then by partitioning the topics in to small areas, students can have more comfort in studies. As this is a content-based subject, students can make rough notes on new terms while studying. These rough notes can be revised at break times so that it can be remembered easily. Besides this, the student can also go through lecture notes and previous test papers. They should also concentrate much on practical lab sessions and practice on previous year’s test papers.

How to prepare if the CBSE 12th Biotechnology Model Exam was a success?

The students have to revise each topic thoroughly before appearing final examination. Students have to go through each question twice before answering. After understanding the question clearly, they can start answering. For essay model questions, frame a skeleton of the answer by including important points before answering.

Tips and Tricks to prepare for the Biotechnology Exam

  • Revise daily
  • Choose proper atmosphere of study
  • Try to make rough notes on new terms that comes across the study
  • Try to practice previous years questions on Biotechnology Exam
  • Write legibly in the answer sheet
  • Don’t try to malpractice in exam hall

Prescribed Books for 12th Biotechnology Exam

The textbook issued by CBSE on the subject of biotechnology can be considered a beneficial source of information. The lab manual on biotechnology, published by the CBSE can be considered as another source of study. This helps the student to get better knowledge on the practical aspects of the subject. Sample papers by CBSE on Biotechnology also helps to create an idea about usually asked questions in the examination.



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