How to study Master of Research in Psychology (M. Res Psychology) course abroad?


Students who wish to study the finer aspects of psychology can go aboard if they choose. The number of students who are doing the same is quite high nowadays. The main aim of the M. Res Psychology is not only to equip the students with a variety of psychological knowledge and research skills, but also to give them training in professional and transferable skills that can be used in the majority of occupations.

The students will be provided with training on aspects like:

  • Analysis Of Psychological Data
  • Historical Perspectives
  • Information Technology
  • Philosophical Foundations Of Psychological Research
  • Research Strategy
  • Use Of Specific Research Techniques

Besides this, it will also be necessary for the students to plan as well as do a research project beneath the direction of a supervisor.

Application Procedures for M.Res Program

Students can obtain the applications form from the web portals of the universities. They can register online and pay the stipulated fees. They can take a print of the admission letter for further reference. For students of foreign origin, the applications should arrive at the institution before 12 weeks of the start of the courses. Applications that are received after the final date would not considered by the university for that year, but will be taken in regard for the subsequent year.

Students can apply for the program at any time of that academic year. Some additional details are:

When the university receives the application, an acknowledgment letter will be issued and the completed applications will be passed on to the Academic Selector to be considered.

Candidates who have been admitted for the course will get an unconditional or conditional offer of admittance.  Under the norms of the conditional offer, the candidates will be needed to obtain or provide sufficient evidence of higher or pending qualifications that will permit them to fulfill the criteria of course entry.

Some of the documents that will be dispatched to the students will include the Offer Letter, Acceptance/Decline form and a form for Financial Guarantee. The students will need to send these back at the earliest.

Once all the correct papers have been received, the students will be cleared for admission.

Eligibility Criteria

The basic qualification the students need to apply for the M.Res Psychology in a Bachelors degree in the relevant field. The percentage of marks that is required will change according to the standard of the university to which the students have applied. Most universities only admit candidates who have excellent academic records.

Qualification Required for Admission

The fundamental qualification that is required for a candidate to join any university abroad is their ability to both write as well as speak English fluently. These skills will allow them to understand what is being taught and thus will be able to produce high standards in their written papers. Apart from this, they will also be able to perform well in their exams. The language proficiency of the candidates is measured by referral to the candidates score in the TOEFL or IELTS.

Application Requirements

The completed application must comprise of:

  • A filled up Application Form of the Postgraduate course
  • Degree certificates and all other Academic transcripts to date.
  • In case of international applicants, a certificate that proves their proficiency in the English language. The minimum score in IELTS is 6.5 or in TOEFL are 580.

To join the Masters by Research programmes, the students will need to present a Research Proposal along with the form. Some departments will need a comprehensive Research Profile. To get more details about this, the candidates can refer to the website of the individual schools prior top their submission of application.

List of Admission Tests

The admission tests include the IELTS or TOEFL.



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