Difference between PhD and PsyD


Both PhD and PsyD are doctorate degrees awarded to students upon completion of their academic programs. PhD or the doctor of philosophy is awarded for accomplishments in almost all disciplines of study such as Arts, Science, Engineering, management, medical science, law, etc. PsyD or Doctor of Psychology is designed for students who are interested in higher studies or research in the area of psychology. The duration and the value of both the courses are almost similar in their respective areas. Apart from these similarities, there exist certain differences between both these courses.

Phd Courses and Opportunities

Doctor of Philosophy is a good option for students who are interested in higher study programs. They should possess a master’s degree in the concerned subject to get qualified for the same. The degree allows students to stand in a prestigious level when compared to their counterparts. They can contribute well in to the field of study with updated ideas. The degree is much suitable for those who are interested in teaching at the College level. The same allow one to get in to other apparent job profiles also.

PsyD Courses and Opportunities

Doctor of Psychology exposes students with clinical psychological trainings rather than offering research in the same. This enables the students to work in a variety of settings rather than in academic sector. More clearly, the degree allows aspirants to work as clinical psychologist and as Psychology tutors according to their wish.  Those who successfully complete the course can find a lot of opportunities in Hospitals, Counseling centers, Medical Colleges, etc.

Key differences between PhD and PsyD

  • Doctor of Philosophy is offered in all streams of study where as Doctor of Psychology is solely offered in the area of Psychology.
  • In terms of research perspective, Doctor of Philosophy is more research specific when compared to Doctor of Psychology program.
  • Doctor of Philosophy comprises research on a particular area of study where as Doctor of Psychology give emphasis to psychological trainings.

Those who have completed post graduation in psychology are eligible for Doctor of Psychology where as master’s degree holders in any discipline are eligible to undergo the PhD program.



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