How to write a Resume?


The first thing a candidate preparing a resume must check is the briefness of the same. The resume must be short as such the reader is able to grasp the details quickly. Moreover, the details in the resume must also indicate that person’s experiences and skills so that a prospective employer can see how the candidate can contribute to that particular work place. These are some of the other points a candidates must consider prior to writing a resume:

  • Gather and check all the essential information
  • Match your experience as well as skills according to the needs of your employer
  • Highlight information that reveals your capabilities.

Arrange the resume efficiently

  • Always think about word choice cautiously. The details must be written in a resourceful, analytical and capable manner.
  • It would also be of help if you give your resume to others to read. They might be able to note the errors that you miss. This is a good method to rectify accidental errors.
  • The product at the end must be very much presentable as well as appealing to the reader.

Process involved in writing a résumé

There is a definite format for writing a resume. All the personal as well as the professional details of the candidates must be written in correct order. Keeping the format concise will also help the reader to get a better picture of you.

Substance of the résumé

The name of the candidates should be written at the top of the page in bold letters. In addition to this, the candidates should also make sure the contact details that are given in the resume are correct. There should absolutely be no repetition in the resume. Also, punctuation, date formats as well as capitalization should be consistent in the resume. Another important thing the candidate should make sure is that there must be no spelling errors in the resume.

Place in order

The credentials of the candidates must be placed in a specific order. The stronger points of the candidates must be listed first. Also, the dates of previous employment must be placed in the same order.

Format or Design

While writing a resume, the candidates must make certain that more than two conventional typestyles should not appear in the resume. The consistent usage of capitalization, bolding and italics are needed to support the structure of information in the resume. Always make sure that the resume is not overcrowded. This will not be pleasing to the eyes. The candidates can also use ‘spell check’ option to check any discrepancy in the resume.


The candidates must always write a sample resume first. Any errors that might occur in this article can then be eliminated and then the second resume can be written based on this. Always good quality paper must be used to write a resume. Instead of using flowery words, the candidates must use generalized statements with a succinct tagline.

Use Personal Pronouns

The first thing the candidates need to remember before writing a resume is that the format of a resume requires business communication in a telegraphic pattern. Also, the candidates must not mention articles such as “I” or “me”.

Include a Summary

The candidates must also include a summary of their skills and educational qualification in the sample résumé.

Never include excuses

The candidates must never include causes on why they are no longer employed in the previous jobs.



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