Freelance Writer – How to become a Freelance Writer?


Freelance Writers are the writers who work online for a company or individually on project basis. This profession has got a wide diversity, as these writers can specialize on various fields like business writing, resume writing, marketing writing, copy writing, technical writing, travel writing etc. They get their salary according to how much hours or days they are working. In some cases, it will be based on the project in which they are working. They can select their own working hours and working place. Being a freelance writer, one can utilize his or her own writing skills and market their skills without an intermediary.

Qualifying Exam

No specific educational qualification is needed to become a freelance writer. The only requirement is to have good writing skills and knowledge in the concerned field. Even so, some of the companies demand graduates for the job of freelance writer. Even though the candidates can pursue graduation in any stream, it better to pursue any degree in any language so that they can develop their writing skills. If it is not possible for the candidates to obtain degree in any stream after completing their intermediate, then they can go for any course on English or any other language. After completing it, they can start their career as freelance writer.

Who are eligible to apply?

Candidates who are passionate to become a freelance writer should concentrate their studies on English language while doing their intermediate. They should pass the plus two or its equivalent examination. After that, they can go for any course in English or any other language. If they are interested to pursue graduation after completing their intermediate, then they should qualify the concerned entrance test conducted by a particular institution. After acquiring enough confidence in writing, one can visit various websites to find the job of freelance writer. They should sign up for the company and pass their online test. After that, they can write the articles by selecting the comfortable topics.

Key elements in the process

  • Pass plus two or its equivalent examination
  • Complete graduation
  • Sign up and pass the online test
  • Pursue the career as freelance writer

Skills required for a Freelance Writer

Freelance writer should have the ability to use various search engines for their project. They should have good reading habits so that they can acquire enough knowledge to write various articles. They should be resilient and confident to express their own ideas in words.



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