Job Interviews — Types and Preparation Tips


Some of the common types of job interview techniques are straight forward chronological interview, criterion referenced interview, and pressurized interview. It is compulsory for applicants to practice for interview by rehearsing common questions asked in interview. Applicants need to carry out an adequate research about the company before attending the interview.

Types of Interview/Questioning Techniques

The most common type of interview technique is

  • Straightforward Chronological Interview
  • Criterion Referenced Interview
  • Pressurized Interview

In straightforward chronological interview, applicant’s needs to face direct questions relating to the basic information provided in the CV/resume. In Criterion Referenced Interviews, applicants will be asked questions on how they fulfill or meet the specific job requirement given by the company for a particular job post. It is essential to give out justifications on how applicants are good at team work, negotiation, leadership skills etc. Some of the reputed organizations usually conduct pressurized interviews during final round of selection. The different views expressed by applicants will be evaluated through test and arguments. This type of questioning technique is essentially aimed to evaluate the applicant’s skill in dealing with varied situations effectively.  Off-the-wall questioning technique is also followed where in applicants will be given bizarre kind of questions in order to analyze their creative skills.

Interview Preparation Strategies

Applicants should arrive at the interview venue on time. It is essential to reach the specific venue in neat and tidy attire. Always try to be present at the interview hall at least 10 minutes before the interview. Take additional copies of resume along with photograph, pen, note pad etc. Body language of the applicant must be in such a way that, it should impress the potential interviewer.

A thorough research about the company must be done by the applicants in advance. They should know all basic details about the job position, background information about the organization, and products and services offered by the concerned company. As part of the preparation strategy, candidates should be well versed with all specific details included their resume. It is essential to prepare a list of frequently asked questions and rehearse for the interview.

Applicants should be prepared to talk in the interview in an impressive manner. It is essential to answer to the question with suitable examples. While answering questions, applicants must relate adequate information about the company. Career accomplishments discussed during interview should necessarily match with those qualities and experience which the potential company looks for. An applicant must thank the interviewer once the whole process gets over.



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