IETE DIPIETE (Old Scheme)Engineering Drawing Papers


Engineering Graphics is a pre-requisite for the civil engineers and mechanical engineers as well because the students of these streams have to frequently draw and represent various geometrical figures and section on paper for their processing.

Engineering Drawing necessary for Civil and Mechanical Engineers

This paper becomes very important for the students who have it as a necessary tool for their studies- students from the Civil and Mechanical branches. It is a concept which is used by the engineers to represent varied structural sections on the paper and modify and/or create it. They have to create design of various sections of a machine and draw its different views on a sheet of paper with the help of various engineering drawing tools or on computer with the help of CAD, which is a software for engineering drawing.

General paper pattern for IETE DIPIETE Engineering Drawing Paper

There are seven questions in the paper and these questions are grouped into various sections such as, Section A, B and C. Section A is compulsory for the students and it carries 20 marks it has got one question in it. Section B has also got only one compulsory question but this section carries 32 marks. Out of the rest students can attempt any three questions from the section C with question of 16 marks each.

Some important questions

Questions asked in the paper are such as tracheid, some geometric shapes, vertical plane, horizontal plane, vertical, trace, sectional views of objects, Front view, side view and top view, recommended systems of placing a dimension, details of Universal Coupling Hypocycloid, cycloid, grooving, drawing given views of machine components to full scale sizes with their front view, left side and top view, Standard thread profile of a buttress thread, locus, geographical drawing scale and diagonal scale, involutes, hexagonal pyramid, square prism, views of a castle nut, forming, caulking, crowning etc.

Time and marks:

The paper carries a maximum of 100 marks and the total time allotted for the paper is 4 hours.

Recommended books:

  • Engineering Drawing by Nagarjun
  • Engineering Graphics by TMH publications
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