IFS Chemical Engineering (Paper II) Papers


Indian Forest Services Examination is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Services Commission) to select IFS officers. IFS officers are selected on the basis of written examination and interview. IFS officers primarily take care of forest reserves of India.

The IFS exam is similar to other UPSC exams. The Paper II of chemical engineering exam is of 200 marks. It consists of two sections. Choices are provided in each section but each section also has at least one compulsory question. IFS exams come in same pattern every year.

In Paper II in section A following topics are covered a) Chemical Reaction Engineering, Intrinsic Kinetics, Global rate, CSTR b) Energy and Material balances, calculations in recycle, purge or bypass c) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, PVT relationships, Laws of thermodynamics etc.

Section B covers following topics a) Safety and Environmental Engineering b) Process Engineering Economics, Calculation of Net Present Value by discounted cash flow, PERT and CPM, Taxes, Internal Rate of return, Payback analysis etc. c) Chemical Technology, Wood based chemicals, Agro Industries etc.

The questions are usually of both essay and numerical types. All the information regarding solving questions are given in question paper. A candidate is first expected to the read the question paper entirely before attempting.

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