IFS Geology (Paper I) Papers


The IFS Geology Paper I has two sections. The first section has questions based on critical notes and discussions. The answers are to be typically of 150 words. The number of marks awarded to each question is written at the side of the question itself. It is important to support your answers with adequate diagrams in order to get a good score. The second section also follows a similar pattern. All the questions should be attempted in order to get a good score. The topics for each section may vary.

The first section has questions like magmatic differentiation, heavy minerals and their significance, ACF and AKF diagrams etc. The second section has questions like Environmental impact of use of fertilizers, Environmental impact assessment (EIA) in mining, Graphical methods of estimation of ore reserves, Thermodynamic principles etc.

It is important to go through last years’ papers to get a better idea of the paper patter and the most likely questions to be asked in the exam. It is not a difficult paper in that it requires that the candidate to have wholesome knowledge of the paper in question. It is important that you write point to point answers to get better marks

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