IFS Geology (Paper II) Papers


The IFS Geology Paper II is a 200 mark paper.  It is divided into two sections – A and B. Section A is has four questions. From the first question the candidate is expected to answer any four of the given statements. The question 2, 3 and 4 are further subdivided into A and B comprising of 20 marks each. There is no negative marking on the paper since most questions are essay type. Since geology is an optional paper, most students who choose the paper have a prior knowledge in the study of the subject. Most of the questions are from the portion already done.

Thus it is very important to have a clear idea about the topics of the section before one starts studying. This is especially crucial if you are planning to do selective studies for the exam. The answers do not have to be more than 150 words in both the sections. It is important to substantiate the answer.

There are a number of handy tips available on the internet which serves as useful tools for scoring well. These resource materials can be very useful to a sincere candidate.

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