iGate Placement Preparation Tips and Placement Process


iGate Corporation is an information technology firm which provide the services like IT consulting, application development, data warehousing, business intelligence solutions, ERP/enterprise solutions, BPO/business service provisioning, infrastructure management, independent verification and validation and contact center services. This company recruits freshers every year through on-campus or off-campus recruitment drive. Candidates who aspire to work in this company should qualify all the stages of their recruitment process.

iGate Placement test

The first stage for iGate recruitment process will be a written test having only one paper. Question paper of this test will consist of two sections, Aptitude and English. Total fifty questions will be asked in the test with uneven distribution of questions among Aptitude section and English section. Questions on Mathematics and Reasoning will be asked in the Aptitude section. Basic questions like Time and work, Time and distance, Simple interest, compound interest, ratio and proportion, profit and loss will be asked in the mathematical part. Concentration question, diagram combination questions, syllogism and puzzles will be asked in the reasoning part. Passage, Articles, Prepositions, Tense, Sentence Arrangement, Sentence Correction, Synonyms and Antonyms will be asked in the English section.

iGate placement interview

Candidates who have performed well in the written examination will be short listed for the interview. There will be three rounds of interview. First two rounds will be technical interview. Final round will be an HR interview. Those who have qualified the first technical interview can attend the second technical interview. After the second technical interview, candidates will be called for the HR interview. Technical questions will be asked during the technical interview and general questions will be asked during the HR interview. Those who have qualified the HR interview will be selected for the job.

iGate placement test preparation tips

Candidates who are preparing for the iGate placement test should visit various websites which discuss on the placement process of different companies. They can get an idea about the test pattern of iGate placement from these discussion forums. They can also download previous year placement papers from those sites. They can practice as many questions as possible from it. To score good marks in English section, one should improve their knowledge in English by reading various newspaper and magazines. They should also refer grammar books to improve the knowledge in English grammar. Candidates can prepare for the Aptitude section using R.S.Aggarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude text book. This book will enable the candidates to solve different aptitude questions.

iGate placement interview preparation tips

Candidates should have thorough knowledge about their project as there will be question from the project during the technical interview. There will be also questions from the programming language and concepts. Therefore the candidates should brush up their knowledge in programming. Candidates should be thorough with the basics of the technical subjects. Personality and attitude of the candidates will be tested during HR interview. Therefore the candidates should be confident while answering the questions during HR interview.



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    Plz post IGATE Technical papers For ECE Students. Urgent