JNTU, B. Tech in Biotechnology, Cell Biology Papers


Topics taught in this paper:

The topics that are covered by this paper are cell structure, composition of the cell, transport mechanism in the cell, different processes for energy liberation, etc. These topics are some of the important topics that you should not miss while you are preparing for the paper. There are other topics as well that you should consider studying before you leave to write this particular paper.

Division of paper:

There is only one section in this paper containing a total of 7 questions. These 7 questions would cover the length and breadth of the subject.

Time and marks allotted:

The total time duration in which the question paper is required to be solved by the candidates is of three hours and the total marks that could be secured in this paper is 80.

Paper Pattern:

The question paper is in English languages.  This question paper has only one section. The total no. of questions in this paper is 7. Out of these 7 questions only 5 questions are required to be answered correctly. The total time duration allowed to solve this question paper is of three hours. All the questions of this paper contain equal marks which are of 16 marks. The questions of this paper are subjective type and there no negative marking in this paper.

Questions are from:

The questions are generally from the topics like, cell and its structure, composition of the different organelles of the cell, the nucleus, DNA, etc.

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