Jobs after BBA


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an under graduation course in the management field which can be completed in 3 years time. Aspirants after completing the plus two level studies one can opt for this course. One can get placed in the management section of various areas of work. Private sector undertakings as well as Public sector units provide equal career openings for BBA graduates. Good remuneration is offered in most of the reputed firms for these graduates. Numerous higher study options can be chosen by these graduates which enhances their career opportunities. A good salary is yet another benefit enjoyed by graduates who have completed higher studies after BBA.

Private Sector Jobs after BBA

Private sector offers numerous job opportunities for BBA graduates. Following are the commonly chosen job areas by BBA graduates in the Private sector.

  • Advertising units
  • Banking sector
  • Finance sector
  • Consultancy firms
  • Consumer Durable Companies
  • FMCG
  • IT firms

They can pursue various certifications in the management field that enables them to work in numerous job profiles in these sectors.

Government Sector Jobs after BBA

BBA graduates can find numerous career openings in the Public sector. Government sector provides lot of job profiles where BBA graduates can utilize their ability. The most commonly opted profession by BBA graduates is the Banking sector. Various financial firms in the Government sector also require the service of BBA professionals. They can engage in managerial positions in various undertakings in the Government sector. They have to clear several tests conducted by Government boards to get placed in these units. After gaining good experience and knowledge in the concerned field they will get promoted to senior positions in reputed firms in the Public sector. They can opt for Human Resource Management and Tourism Sector Management as well. These graduates are paid well in reputed firms.

Job Prospects Abroad after BBA

Numerous firms abroad will provide job opportunities for aspirants who hold a BBA degree. Following are the common areas where BBA graduates are placed abroad.

  • Accounting units Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance Management
  • International Business Management
  • Legal firms Management
  • Management information systems
  • Marketing Sector Management
  • Operations Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Supply chain units management
  • Tourism Sector Management
  • Human Resource Management

These graduates mainly deal with the management section of various sectors. They can work in a lot of job profiles concerned with the management field. Good salary packs are offered for BBA graduates in reputed firms abroad.



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36 Responses to “Jobs after BBA”

  1. 36
    shahul hameed:

    Iam before complited in iti after get job hvac technician than ifill study in bba 3years complited in distance egcation then my next carrear what choose the job pls tell me
    Iwill finish also auto card and hardware networking

  2. 35

    Hi I am a BBA student and my background is arts. After completing MY BBA can i go for CA

  3. 34
    bharti choudhary:

    i m bba1 year student i want a good job in this fild .salery for 50000

  4. 33
    bharti choudhary:

    wich best job

  5. 32

    i m in final yr bba….n after cmpleting my bba i wnt to do a good job…give me some sugestn..?

  6. 31

    I am in 2nd year of bba and I want 2 join the indian army but I want good position…..

  7. 30
    rashmi kanulia:

    now i m in BBA 2nd year. nd i want job in banking sector during BBA.

  8. 29
    prasfutita patnaik:

    i completed BBA and i want for MBA which collage is better private or govt?

  9. 28
    shaikh Abdullah:

    i completed BBA programme and i want a good job…please reply me for a good job..THANX

  10. 27

    i am complete BBA now i want MBA so what couse is better
    i have interest computer systems oriented plz tell me

  11. 26


  12. 25

    i m pursing BBA 6sem.after that i wanna to do job in marketing sector,,is job is batter then m.b.a,,,,,i m not a brilliant student,what is batter for me…..plz help

  13. 24
    binod kumar jha:

    Now I am pursuing BBA 6sem.after this can i apply for Bank Po..after this where could apply for me

  14. 23

    i am doing my bba(ib) and this is my last year..
    i am looking for job in export-import field,
    so please tell me how can i apply and get suitable option for my career

  15. 22
    sarju seth:

    sir.i m completed b.b.a as soon and if u help me what to do after part time job to apply

  16. 21
    mahender verma:

    i complit bba now i want doing mba so tell me wht strem is bettr …
    acordg to my fav. sub. stat…..
    nd i not intrst in marktng…
    tell me best strem which giv me best sittng job

  17. 20

    i am persuing bba (sixth sem) from govt. p.g. college jind affiliated to kurushetra university kurushetra. i want a good job after bba so please help me to find this anywhere in gurgaon, delhi, faridabad, chandigarh

  18. 19
    Nitesh sharma:

    I am complite bba from vinayaka mission uni .i wanted a job .how to fresher job apply.

  19. 18
    Meenakshy raghav:

    I m doing bba last year its 5th sem of my bba nw i want to do mba .. My overall % upto 4th sem is 69% .. I m average student .. I hv gvin cat , mat , xam too
    i only want mba degree nt pgdm .. Plz help me by gving clg. Names in NCR wher chances of placement is high, n which can give me success thanx n reply soon

  20. 17
    Priti Ghose:

    Respected sir/madam
    I am Priti Ghose ,persuing my BBA in Ravenshaw university,cuttack with marketing specialization & possess good communication skills.So,plz suggest me whether i am able to get a job as a fresher or not & can apply now ………plz reply as soon as possible…….

  21. 16
    Mohammad Jahangir Baba:

    I wanted to know what field should i step in after completing BBA? I m in the final year of my graduation and possess good communication, motivation, inspiring and pursuing skills. On the other hand i very poor at accounting and finance. So i would be thankful if you can help me out in shaping my career.

  22. 15
    Brajesh chavan:

    After comlete BBA we can do job in MNC sectors

  23. 14
    monika nanda:

    respected sir,
    m monika nanda from cuttak pursuing my bba in ravenshaw university with finance specialisation.2 more sem r still der to complete my bba graduation. sir i just needur recomndeation whether i ll b able to get a good job after dt or not.

  24. 13
    Garvit Chaudhary:

    i have completed my bba with marketing . i want to do job
    i hope you reply me soon

  25. 12
    gaurav sharma:

    hello my name is gaurav sharma and i m pursing bba with marketing nd it’s my last of bba can i got job after bba ..

    after bba what we can do job or mba.
    is their is value of correspondance mba.

    please reply me….

  26. 11

    I am doin BBA last year so i am in need of job i stay in thaner so wer can i apply i am fresher

  27. 10
    govinda sinduriya:

    best job govt. after bba

  28. 9
    rohit rawat:

    hello my name is rohit rawat and im pursuing bba with finance actually this was my last of bba but because of some personal problem i drop this sem……..i need urgent job hope you reply me soon……

  29. 8
    Minakshi Chaturvedi:

    dear sir/ma’am, can you please guide me what are the opportunities available after BBA? Besides, is it good to pursue BBA from Sikim manipal University? is it reputed? ANswer me as soon as possible.
    thanks and regardsMInakshi

  30. 7

    i don’t have any experience for job.please suggest me what can i do,searching for job or any other part time courses.

  31. 6
    richa saxena:

    no question

  32. 5

    Now iam in TY bba. i want to do job after completing my bba. Can you please guide me? I want to do job in surat only. also help me where i have to apply?

  33. 4

    I have completed my BBA as well as electronics & communication eng diploma in which field i will get job,and wherei have to apply ?

  34. 3
    jyoti singh:

    in which field they get job,and where it is. how much salary

  35. 2
    Ruby kataria:

    Soonly,i completed my bba,&after that i want t apply for suply chain mgt.can you tell me in which bank i apply ? .please send me all information that bank.

  36. 1

    i am going to complete my BBA soon and after it i want to apply
    for. can you tell me in which field i should have to apply?