Jobs after M.Sc Agricultural Physics


As the name implies Agro physics is the collaboration of two different subjects, Agriculture and Physics. The subject identifies the impact of human activities on agro ecosystem using methods and theories in Physics. The subject was introduced by Indian agricultural Research institute in the year 1962 which is now considered as one among the most popular subject in India.

Due to the introduction of newer techniques and methods in processes, the science of Agricultural Physics witnesses a quick development. This creates the need to have periodic revisions on the course structure as well as on the syllabus of the academic curriculum of Agro Physics. Those aspirants who have completed their graduation in the same stream can apply for M Sc Agricultural Physics. After completing this post graduate course the aspirant can go with research in the area or can search for a prosperous job in this sector. Due to the growing importance of this subject all over the country, there exist a lot of job vacancies under public and private sector enterprises.

Private Sector Jobs after M.Sc Agricultural Physics

Aspirants who have completed master degree in Agricultural Physics can find a lot of job opportunities in private sector. Few of them are listed here

  • Agricultural co-operatives
  • Manufacturers of agricultural equipment
  • Fertiliser and irrigation companies
  • Farming companies
  • Industry service organisations such as the sugar industry
  • NGOs

Government Sector Jobs after M.Sc Agricultural Physics

Those who pursue higher education in Agricultural Physics can find enormous job opportunities in different departments of government sector. They can find job openings in government organizations such as

  • Department of Science and Technology
  • India Meteorological Department
  • Indian Space Research Organization
  • National Remote Sensing Agency
  • Space Application Centre
  • The Indian Council of Agricultural Research etc

Remuneration will be less for entry level candidates, but they can expect salary review with experience and promotion to higher grades.

Job Prospects Abroad after M.Sc Agricultural Physics

There are many job opportunities outside India after M.Sc in Agricultural Physics. Some of the openings an aspirant can find abroad are as:

  • Scientists
  • Technicians
  • Research and Development
  • Specialists

Scientists in this field are required in various industries for conducting lab researches and experiments in the related area. A large number of technical staffs are required for managing the different technical aspects coming across this sector. Agro industry always needs professionals in Agriculture for meeting their scientific research needs in the Agricultural industry. There are specialized sectors in agricultural industry where individuals trained that in particular subject area are preferred. All these job openings mentioned above offers good compensation packages to aspirants when compared with their Indian counterparts.



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