Jobs in IT company after B.Tech in Mechanical engineering


With the advent of globalizations, the restrictions imposed on the software industry to enter within the global market have been lifted off entirely. With this into effect, the career opportunities for experts in this field have gone up.

The internet revolution has lead to the opening up of companies to the international markets. This has now facilitated aspirants with ample job opportunities. Many major firms within our country and abroad offers aspirants with excellent career opportunities. Today more and more students are interested in the IT sector and their search for jobs has not turned futile. Particulars on the jobs available for graduates of Mechanical Engineering are given in detail below.

What are the scopes available for a graduate in the IT sector?

IT has significant momentum and it will continue to gain with every passing day. The immense exposure of networking technologies is expected to go onto the next decade as well. Companies of Indian origin are currently broadening their range of services and this has led to the off shoring of projects. In fact, talent acquisition, retention initiatives as well as development within these firms has brought down the attrition rates of employees, thus providing individuals with more stability and hence increasing their dedication to their jobs.

The career opportunities for B.Tech students are quite high nowadays. But the career opportunities will rise if they have a PG level degree in the relevant field. This can be the M.Tech degree or the ever popular MBA program. These students will get the opportunity to work with the Financial and Revenue department or the Human and Resources Departments of various firms. Here, we can see students enjoying a variety of jobs with the IT sector firms.

Although recession affected the job opportunities of students to certain extend, the career opportunities are currently growing. To get jobs within these firms, it is needed by aspirants to have good skills and to gain newer ones. There is absolutely no dearth of opportunities for individuals who are highly skilled.

What are the career scopes?

The IT sector today can be considered to be one of the best areas for a person to get work in. the employment opportunities are very much ample and the pay packages are very much attractive here. IT giants such as TCS, WIPRO and Infosys etc take in aspirants on a daily basis. Cognizant and Accenture are also employers of graduates of Mechanical Engineering. These facts show that the jobs available for students of B.Tech in ME in the IT sector are high.



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