Jobs in Mass Communication Sector


Mass communication helps to pass information to larger section of population through various ways. It helps to spread the news, advertisements, opportunities, and awareness among the common man. A career in mass communication is a prestigious profession. A journalist plays a vital role in the development of the country. They pass on the daily happening in various parts of the country to the society. The main purpose of journalism and mass communication is to educate, enlighten, and inform the people. With the help of latest development in science and technology, the career option in this field has increased rapidly.

Any person who has flair to express his idea, and observation can build a career in mass communication. Another requirement of this field is to be creative, and dynamic in his thoughts and actions. Various options for a candidate after completing course in mass communication are listed below.

Film and TV production:  This is the most competitive career option for the aspirants in mass communication. The various available options are actors, musicians, dancers, stuntman, directors, light men, cameraman, editors etc.

Print Journalism: It is one of the oldest forms of journalism. It is a known fact that newspapers, magazines, and journals are the main source of passing information to the society. These cover various sections like business news, political events, sports, cinema, career, health and many other topics. From these areas one can take up the field of interest.

Public relations: The main role in this field is to portray a excellent image of an organization. Most of the business houses, hospitals, universities government institution, political parties, etc. hire highly qualified public relations officers. Candidates who have an interest in meeting people, and also have a good communication skill can find this field highly rewarding.

Electronic Journalism: Various communication mediums like radio, video, television, and internet have made news, information, entertainment, etc. to reach people around the world quickly. With the increasing network of satellite communication, TV, cable network, internet, etc., this area is having tremendous growth opportunities for the aspirants.

Advertising: One can find advertisements in almost all the areas including newspapers, signboards, and magazines, commercials on television, radio, and internet. This gives an idea that this area of mass communication has wide range of career options.

The candidates after completing their course can look for a career in All India Radio (AIR), central information, Doordarshan, etc in the public sector. The remuneration in this sector is very nice. Another area for the aspirants is to find jobs in newspapers, magazines, monthly publications, and press information bureau. Many private television channels like NDTV, IBN, ZEE TV, STAR TV, etc employ candidates after completing a course in mass communication. One can even find job opportunities in international channels like BBC, Discovery TV, etc. Another option for talented candidates is to work as freelancers.



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