Jobs in Telecom Sector


In the recent years, the telecom sector has started offering more jobs and more possibilities to the candidates who are looking forward for a career in the same. This industry has today become one of the most prestigious sectors in the Indian economy. The services provided by the telecom sector to the common man make it possible for newer options to emerge, thus paving the way to new opening, especially in urban areas.

A few of the major players in the telecom sector comprise of:

  • Bharti Teleservices
  • BPL
  • BSNL
  • Hutchisson Essar
  • Idea
  • MTNL
  • Tata

One must also say that with the development of telecom services, the manufacturing of telecom equipment as well as its accessories has taken off in a big way.

Telecom Sector jobs

A job in the telecom sector is one of the coveted dreams of many individuals. Making a quick study on Telecom department as well as its numerous functions will enable a person to get a prestigious career. Since there are numerous departments in the telecom sector, it won’t be difficult for a person to get a job. The one thing they will have to do is to pass an admission test by the relevant body.  Given below are a few of the job profiles available for interested people.

  • Broadband Network Engineer
  • Cellphone Technician
  • PBX Installers
  • Radio Mechanic/ Technician
  • Radio Operator
  • Telecom Account Manager
  • Telecom administrator
  • Telecom Analyst
  • Telecom billing analyst
  • Telecom Business Analyst
  • Telecom Customer Relationship Account Manager
  • Telecom Project Coordinator
  • Telecom sales
  • Telecom Telephone Line Installers/Repairers
  • Telecommunications
  • Telecommunications analyst
  • Telecommunications engineer
  • Telecommunications manager
  • Telecommunications network engineer
  • Telecommunications operator
  • Telecommunications specialist
  • Telecommunications technician
  • Wireless and Satellite Dish Installer

Pay scale of Telecom Sector Jobs

Freshers of this field will receive an initial remuneration of around Rs.7, 500/- to Rs.15, 500/-. The salary of engineers or manager level posts will be higher than this. They will receive as much as Rs. 12, 500/- to Rs. 50, 000/- a month. This will increase with experience as well as service.

Pros about Telecom Sector Jobs

There are both private as well as public sector jobs in the telecom department. One can say that BSNL hold one of the top positions in the public sector firms. Employees of the telecom firms are provided with adequate security in addition to other amenities. The salary individuals will get is also reasonably high when opposed to jobs of other sectors.

Cons about Telecom Sector Jobs

A lot of physical strain has to be put in by people like Telephone line installers or executives to the work they do. Besides this they also get paid very less in the job hierarchy.



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    shiv ranjan:

    how can get job in telcom sector

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    alok kumar:

    Respected sir/Madam
    I am willing to know which courses should i pursue or helpfull for me to do for telecom sector and electronics sector for better job. I have passed from electronics and telecommunication dept. from odisha in this current year. please guide what should i should i choose it.
    Thanking you
    Alok Kumar

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    i want 2 do job in telecom plz tel me how i join

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    list of jobs after b.e (electronics&telecommunication) degree?

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    dear sir/mam
    i m a fresher BE electronics & telecommunication student. i want to do the job in telecom sector ,may i know the procedure to hire this job…

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    Hi Sir, I am a diploma holder. I have 5years experiance in telecommunication field so, give me opportunity. i will give my best to do future job.

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    sir i had done my I T I in electronics and have experience in network device installation, configuration:

    sir, i am sharanayya hiremath, i had done my I T I in electronics and diploma E&C incomplete, have experience in network device installation, configuration

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    suresh kumar:

    i want tech nical job

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    I have done DEE diploma in 2007 and want job in telicom sector

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    I have done ECE diploma in 2011 and want job in telecom sector

    Please help me

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    Hi i hve done B Tech i want 2 join telecom field,but i don’t hve any idea abt this pls give some brief explaination abt telecommunication

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    I am final year student of computer science engineerin from lko.
    i want to know that in CSE can job in telecom sector..

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    chandrashekhar pandey:

    Hi i have done Btech after that i got the job in telecom company
    now i have 6 month training in BTS engineer (instollation &commisining &RF servey

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    Praveen Kumar Singh:

    Hi, I ve done Bca after that i got the job in MNC company as a omcr enginner, now i ve a 1.4 year experince , I m currently working for 2G and 3G ,My key role is
    1) Performance Management activities
    2) Remote Monitoring of Network elements through OMCR.
    3) Fault Management of Network Elements.
    4) Configure Management of Network Elements.
    and apart from this i m also working on omcr server when it get down and site creation,deletion for 2G and 3g and working on unix based opreating will u suggest me that i do study onwards or i can get job in any company on experience base.

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    i want the job in telecom sector. give me the best way to find in this sector. please?

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    I want a job in O & M in Telecom.