Karnataka Public Service Commission Geography Papers


Karnataka public service commission (KPSC), an autonomous body, under the Karnataka Government, conducts examination for state government departments. It is a 50 year old commission which provides officials for the state civil services. Karnataka public service commission organizes examination in a large scale. Every Indian is allowed to sit for the examination. The exams norms are very strict. Usage of mobile phones in the centre is prohibited. Various other strict measures are taken. Reference to text book during the examination is allowed, but no notes or transcripts are allowed. Passing percentage for this examination is quite low. The vacancies vary each year. It is a highly competitive exam which challenges the candidate’s knowledge as well as skills.

Geographers are involved in study of flora and fauna, hydrosphere, atmosphere, spatial and temporal distribution of phenomena, relation of humans with environment and etc.

Language Options

Although the exam can be given in only two languages, English and Kannad, people of different states have appeared for this exam. Kannad being the local language is allowed as it is an exam for the post of a state government official.

How Many Sections Can You Expect In This Paper?

The examination consists of four sections, each section containing different number of questions and different type of questions. First three sections are mandatory and in the fourth section only three questions are to be answered.

How are marks distributed?

Full marks for the examination are 300. It is not evenly distributed among all the sections. Section A has questions worth 20 marks, Section B has questions worth 100 marks and Section C and Section D has questions worth 90 marks.

How much time is allotted for the paper?

The maximum examination time is 3 hours.

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