Tamil Nadu Board Higher Secondary Zoology Papers


Zoology is the scientific study of animal life and for the ecology balance of the Earth proper maintenance and conservation of the animal life is very important. The Higher Secondary Zoology paper under Tamil Nadu Board is primarily focused on these issues and hence preparing for this paper not helps to do well as an individual but is also helpful for the society.

Total marks and time allotted for the paper:

The Higher Secondary Zoology Paper is a 150 marks exam and the total time allotted for it is 3 hours.

Analysis of the paper:

A prior analysis of the exam not only helps in managing the time well and scoring good but also prepare for the exam in an easier way. The paper is divided into four parts. The first part consists of thirty multiple choice type questions of 1 mark each and all of them have to be answered. The second part consists of twenty short questions of 3 marks each and any fifteen of them must be answered. The third part has twelve questions and of 5 marks each and any seven of them have to be answered. The last part has long answer type questions of 10 marks each and any four of the eight questions must be answered.

Key points to remember:

All the answers should be written in the answer booklet and although the paper has several choices in the sub-parts, it may contain several compulsory questions as well.

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