WBUT CSE 4th Sem Formal Language and Automata (CS 401) Papers


The West Bengal University of Technology with around 200 colleges affiliated to it, is one of the major Universities in the state of West Bengal. The university offers a variety of courses with the Bachelor of Technology being one of the most important and renowned course. Formal Language and Automata is an important subject for anyone pursuing Computer Science and Engineering from any college affiliated to this university.

How Many Sections Can You Expect In This Paper?

The question paper is divided into three sections on the whole.

Paper Pattern And Number Of Questions Asked:

The first section consists of ten multiple choice questions to be answered. Sometimes the university gives the students a choice of leaving out a few of them by giving more than ten MCQs in the paper itself. The second section consists of five questions of five marks each out of which three are to be answered. The third section is similar to the second one in terms of the number of questions to be answered but the marks carried by each question of the third section is fifteen instead of five in the second section.

Division of Marks:

The first section consists of ten marks, the second one carries fifteen marks and the third section is the weightiest one with 45 marks in all. The University gives the students ample choices to allow them to choose the topics in which they are the best and hence score as much as possible.

How Many Hours Would You Be Given to Complete The Paper?

The student gets a time of three hours to answer his paper.

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    ishita das:

    which is the best book in automata theory as per wbut syllabus,2014

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