Madhya Pradesh Board Class 12 Biology Papers


The Madhya Pradesh Board of Class 12 undertakes the board exam in different subject, including Biology, which is considered to be one of the important subjects. With one of the important subjects to take up, you’d need to prepare the paper in a better way, which would need a crystal clear concept and above all a better understanding of the paper pattern.

Division of the paper:

There are parts of the paper, namely Part A and Part B.

Paper Pattern:

There are four main questions in the first part of the paper, which includes Fill in the Blanks, Match the Following, True and False and Answer in one word. Each of the main questions is sub-divided into five sub-questions. There are a total of eleven main questions, in pairs, and candidates have to attempt any one from each of the pair. One of the main questions in this part is compulsory. Candidates have the liberty to answer either in English or Hindi Language as per the convenience of them. Internal Options are offered in the second part of the paper, though the entire question in the first part is compulsory.


The paper carries a maximum of seventy-five marks. The first part has a maximum of twenty marks. The second part has a maximum of fifty-five marks. There are few questions in the second part, which carries four, five and six marks as per the nature of the question.

Time allotted for examination:

The time allotted for the exam is three hours.

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