Madhya Pradesh Board Class XII Physics Papers


Physics is one of the subjects in Science Stream offered by MP Board for Class XII. It is the most crucial subject for every science student.  The subject can be a nightmare if not given proper attention to and it can be pretty interesting and exciting if a student begins to take interest in it. The pattern of the test of Physics is described in the following.

Total Marks and Time:

The maximum marks carried by the exam are 75 and the time allowed is 3 hours.

Outline of the Paper

The question paper consists of both objective and detailed answer type questions. The question paper is so set that it can be answered in 2 hours and a half.

Paper Description

There are 16 questions altogether in the question paper and all of them are compulsory. Section A consists of objective questions and section B has short answer type and long answers type questions. There are 4 questions in the first section carrying 5 marks each. Each of these questions has sub questions which carry 1 mark each. Questions 5 to 16 have internal choices. Question numbers 5 to 11 carry 4 marks, 12 to 14 carry 5 marks and 15 and 16 carry 6 marks. Students have to supplement the answers with relevant labeled diagrams wherever necessary.

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    himanshu garg:

    why does no give question bank in mp board class 12

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    shweta vaishnov:

    physics model paper 2011-2012
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    biologey model paper 2011-2012

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    i have typhoid during exam i was admit in hospital for 3 days. during physics exam in examination hall i have cevier pain in abdomen so i fall down and cant write much more. so what i have to do now