Madhya Pradesh Board Class XII History Papers


History is one of the subjects offered in Arts by Madhya Pradesh Board. The subject is very enthralling and many students take up this subject every year. In this subject the students get to know about the Indian History as well as the World History. What happened in the past, lifestyle of various civilizations of ancient world, how these civilizations perished, why different kings fought amongst themselves and various such other things are the part of History.

Time and Total Marks:

The exam is of duration three hours and the maximum marks carried are 100.

Difficulty Level:

40 marks of the paper are simple questions, 45 marks are general questions and 15 marks are difficult ones. So passing in the paper is very easy.

Details of History Paper

The question paper of history consists of both short answer type and long answer type questions. Question numbers one to five in the paper are objective questions. Each of the questions is of 5 marks. There are five sub questions in each of the question, and each of them carries 1 mark. The questions are fill in the blank types, true false types, answer in one word types, matching types etc.

The number of long answer type questions is 16. There are 7 four marks questions, 7 five marks questions and 2 six marks questions. So the total number of questions in the paper is 21.

There is a provision of choices in the long answer type questions, but no choice is there for the objective questions.

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