Maharashtra Board Higher Secondary-Secretarial Practice Papers


The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary Education was established in 1966 by an act of the Maharashtra State Government. The Act was amended in 1977 and the nomenclature of the Board was changed to “The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education”. The board is the state’s highest educational body in the field of secondary and higher secondary education.

Paper Description:

This course will provide a complete description about the company. The subject is a detail study of the particular company Managing Director, Board of Directors, Share holders. Their name, background and how they have struggled to make the company successful. It gives a detail idea on the registration process of a company, types of shares and their division, characteristics, percentage of profit divided among them and all other such details.

Frequently asked questions:

There are few important questions and some highlighted topics that the students need to be concerned about. Some of those are as follows:

Write Short note on types of Share Capital?

Distinguish between annual report and progress report?

What do you mean by ordinary Shares? Explain its characteristics?

Difference between Final Dividend and Interim Dividend

What is Preference Share? Explain the different types of Preference Shares.

What is Debenture? Explain the features of Debentures.

Paper pattern:

The total subject consists of 100 marks .This is totally a subjective and practical type paper which comprises of eight questions or more. Every question of this paper consists from 5 to 10 or 20 marks depending on the question. The eight questions are again subdivided. Thus the candidates need to attend all questions but out of those subdivide sections it can be selected depend on the question. The total time given for the completion of this paper is 3 hours.

Recommended Books:

  • Secretarial Practice by Jain and D.P
  • Secretarial Practice by Bagrial, Ashok K
  • Simple Ways to Become a Professional Secretary by Batra and Promod
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