Maharashtra Board Higher Secondary-Chemistry Chemistry-II Papers


The education of chemistry in higher secondary level is a compulsory subject for every student. In future, it required in every sector, either it is engineering or medical. There is a branch of engineering of itself. Many industries required a good knowledge in this subject as it is a core subject.

Paper Pattern:

The paper of Chemistry II deals with Inorganic and organic Chemistry. Questions are set from both these parts. The paper contains 5 questions in it and each question in the paper is of equal marks. The paper is a conceptual paper and 1st question is of multiple choices which have 8 questions in it, each has 4 choices to choose 1 correct answer from it. The rest 4 questions are with internal alternative which are further divided into 2-3 sub questions for the ease of students. The paper mainly contains Organic and Inorganic chemistry part in it.

Frequently asked questions:

The paper of Chemistry II is mainly consists of two parts of Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic. Questions of theoretical type are generally asked in the paper. Questions asked are such as elements from s-block, classification of elements, properties of elements of d & f block elements, isomerism, chiral properties, reactions mechanisms, properties of covalent bond, properties of polymers, classifications etc.

Total marks and time allotted:

Students will get a maximum of 40 marks in the paper and time duration of the paper is 2 hours only. Each question is of 1 mark in objective question, rest questions are of 8 marks each and it is further divided into 2-3 sub-questions.

Recommended Books:

  • Comprehensive Chemistry by Golden Publications
  • Organic Chemistry by Dinesh Publications
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