Master of Numismatics


There are lots of educational fields available for the candidates. One such course is Master of Numismatics. Under this course one needs to study about the various ways and forms of coin collection. It might sound very strange and awkward. As an avid coin collector you must know that a numismatist studies old coins, tokens, paper money and other related objects such as seals and medals, etc.

Under the course of Master of Numismatics, the candidates have to gather all sorts of knowledge about the various olds coins available in the various museums. Under this course candidates are also taught the various ways of keeping the collected coins and currencies in various forms so as to increase their durability and in order to make them look more beautiful.

One needs to be at least a Graduate to be eligible for the course of Master of Numismatics. A slight knowledge about various currencies of the country in the world can be beneficial. Admission is through a written test and interview.

Course Outlook:

The duration of this course is 2 years. In these two years students are taught lots of things and are trained in such a fashion so that they can pursue research work or become a part of an Archaeological team.

Job prospects:

Beyond plain interest, the courses can open up many professional avenues. Many Indian museums and universities which teach subjects like history, archaeology and culture require numismatics experts.

Best places to Pursue:

Indian Institute of Archaeological studies

University of Mumbai

University of Madras



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    toshiba rajput:

    what is the eligibility criteria for admission in ma in numismatics at the mumbai university…and what test do we have to give

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    Santosh Bansal:

    What are the courses available for 12th Commerce with Physical Education & their job prospects
    Other than CA, Hotel Management