MCA Course Structure


A candidate pursuing the MCA course should necessarily have pursued Mathematics in 12th Standard. Some institutes also insist Mathematics in the first year of graduation. There are many reputed institutes which follow the structure as designed by the universities they are affiliated to.

Duration of the MCA Course

Like all Masters Course the duration of this course is 2 years. Candidates can purse this course in regular mode or distance. For the distance course it can stretch upto 3 years too.

Course Structure of MCA Course

Most of the institutes follow a six semester system. During the first semester there will not be many optional subjects. Mostly the basics will be taught at this level. For the rest of the semesters this will change. There will be more electives than the core subjects. They will be provided a through insight in their area of specialization. During the final semester majority of the time will be devoted to the final project. They will need to apply what they learnt during the course term on the project selected.

Selection of the area of specialization during MCA

Quite a few options are available to select from

  • Software Development
  • Application Software
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Hardware Technology
  • Systems Management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Systems Development
  • Networking
  • Systems Engineering

Evaluation process during MCA

The total marks allocated for each subject will be 100. The evaluation process will be as follows:

  • Assignment – Mini projects, Internal Test, Quiz etc
  • Practical
  • Main Exams

For each of the subjects students will be evaluated on this basis. For the assignments candidates will need to submit the same within the time frame mentioned. These are conducted during the course period. Normally no prior information of the same will be provided. If they do not submit it on time they could loose the marks allocated for it. This in turn will impact the final score. To be eligible for the final exam it is must that the students have the minimum score in the assignment and the practical section.  The normal practice is that 75% should be for the mains and 25% for the internals. During the final year the final project is important.



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