M.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering M.Tech


Electronics and Communications Engineering is a branch of engineering that basically deals with the application of electronics in the field of communication. It focuses on transmission of information across various types of channels. This field of engineering emerged as a bi-product of electrical engineering and was identified as an occupation during the late twentieth century. It is also one of the most sought after courses in today’s engineering scenario. The course of M.Tech in Electronics and Communications is a master’s degree course awarded by universities in India. The job opportunities which emerge for students who earn this degree are literally immense and huge. The study of this course was originally started in USA as a subject of Electrical engineering and it still continues in the same way in the States. But in countries like India, the course emerged as a separate branch of engineering.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to do the study for earning the coveted degree of M.Tech in Electronics and Communications, candidates must at least be graduates possessing a B.Tech to their credit, provided that they earn it from any respectable university.

Course Outlook

The course of M.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering is of two year’s duration in general. These two years are generally divided into two semesters each.

Job Prospects

The job prospects of E&C engineers are as varied as the kind of work they do. They can be found in the offices of any consulting firm, in the site of any mine or even in the protected lab environment of any fabrication plant or may be in the software department of banking institutions, or even may be in the telecommunication branch of any IT company.

Best Places to Pursue

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore

Annamalai University, Chennai

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela



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49 Responses to “M.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering M.Tech”

  1. 49
    rasika dhawan:

    i have 2 questions.
    1. Will there be a different criteria if a candidate is B.E and not a BTech?
    2. i wanted the list of all MTech branches that can be pursued for a BE electronics graduate

  2. 48

    sir, i am in 6th sem. of BE EC , my quation is after BE i want to do ME but i dont know about i do in which field best for job after ME .
    and give me name of lines which i do ME in that and after i achive job in gujrat .?

  3. 47
    Ankit khobragade:

    Plz add clg names , to take admission in it

  4. 46

    i want to do master in communication field… and i want to know how many types of fields are there ??

    and which king of job will i get??

    is there any scope of job in gujarat?

  5. 45

    which are the cources in mtech

  6. 44
    Rahul Sharma:

    Sir pls rply which subject is best for doing Mtech.
    Since i hv completed my BE in Electronics and Telecommunication

  7. 43
    sumit kumar:

    b.tech in electronics and communication is good from annamali university

  8. 42

    total subjects that are given to choose in mtech

  9. 41

    now i am in b.tech 4th year in ece
    i am confused to take which specif courses in m.tech

  10. 40

    completed b.tech in electronics and communication
    1 year experince in mtnl

    i want to take a addmission in MTECH corespondense in Telecom
    plz tell me ur colleges and university and last date of all forms

  11. 39

    i comleted my B.E ece pls tell me which subjects is easy for me in mtech

  12. 38

    what are the top best colleges or universities in Tamilnadu for pursuing M.tech -Electronics and communication engg. ?

  13. 37
    sabitri tamuli:

    I have completed my M.Sc in Electronics & Communication Technology with 70% & now I am willing to work in Communication field. For this do I have to go for any kind of training or any additional qualifications required.Please reply soon.

  14. 36

    which all subjects r there for m.tech in electronics and communication

  15. 35

    i m doing BTech in electronics & communication,but i want to go in the field related to the satellites..wht should i do after BTech?

  16. 34
    harpreet kaur:

    please tell me about all the subjects of m-tech in electronics and communication branch in every semester ? reply fast as soon as……..

  17. 33

    please tel me what we do after complete my mtech in digtal electronics & communication systems , tel me what jobs avabile for me i got 1st class in btech & distintion in mtech .

  18. 32

    I have done M Sc. in electronics & communication from Ranchi University, then 1 year course in Digital signal processng. From last 2 years I am working in BSNL Pune. I want to do M Tech in EC through correspondance course. Please guide me.

  19. 31

    wht are the subjects we have in mtech 1st year(embedded)

  20. 30

    i have done my m.sc in electronics and communications from madhurai kamraj university through distance education. am i eligible to do m.tech in electronics and communications? if not, what are the further higher study oppurtunities i have?

  21. 29

    job oppurtunities for vlsi in m-tech in arab countries

  22. 28
    Som Roy:

    I have done M.Sc. in Physics. Am I eligible to pursue M.Tech. in electronics and communication or M.Tech in Electronics? Please reply

  23. 27
    Krupakar Joshua:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am writing this mail on behalf of my Cousin Sister, Miss Prathima Burja. She has finishes her Masters in Electronics & Telecommunication from NALANADA University, Andhra Pradesh. She wishes to do a M.Tech in Electronics and Communications. Can you please suggest what exactly are the eligibility criteria for pursuing a Distant Course in M.Tech. or if Distant Education Option is not possible, a Full time M-Tech Course.

    Your Suggestion will be a Guideline and will be implemented with utmost respect to Pursue a Academic Future, Hence Kindly suggest what would be the best Option to pursue M.Tech.

    Thanking you,



  24. 26

    i have completed BE in electronics and communication…
    i need to know which subject is better to do mtech…
    2.digital communication
    3.biomedical sinal processing
    i like bimedical signal proceesing….but ..is it good ?
    what is its scope in getting job…?

  25. 25
    prangya muduli:

    what wil be the best subject of specioalisation in electronics and telecommunication branch for job point of view or for better future point of view???????????????

  26. 24
    shweta verma:

    i m final year student(ECE)
    i m confused what to do
    1) m.tech?
    2) MBA entrance preparation?
    3) 1 year job then MBA?

    but i’ve not yet started MBA preparation……

  27. 23

    I wish to take admission in“M.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering ” . Please send me the information regarding the same. Thanks.

  28. 22

    i have completed b tech in ece & want to take admission in mtech in ece in punjab. kindly give me information about this course &its fee structures

  29. 21

    I have completed B.E in ECE dept,and i would like to do postgraduate programme.But i need some information about list of various fields of specilizations.pls clarify me on how to proceed.

  30. 20

    my sister is B.E in electronics and communication/we want get admission in M.E or M .Tch
    1)What is eligibility for these courses?(any % restriction? her average % 56 %)
    2)Which college we have to select ?
    3)What spcialisation we have to select?

  31. 19

    Hi, i have completed btech (ECE) in AP.i want to do mtech in correspondence. plese guide me which college is good and also which subject is good.
    reply soon.

  32. 18
    kalaria Pinkesh:

    i got 95 persentile in gate 2010 so which colledge is better in gujarat please guide me

  33. 17
    jagadish M:

    if i choose mtech(full time).plese guide me which university is good and also which subject is good for a prospectful job.

  34. 16
    jagadish M:

    Hi, i have completed btech (ECE) in bangalore.i want to do correspondence mtech.plese guide me which university is good and also which subject is good for a prospectful job.
    reply soon…

  35. 15
    Bharath M.K:

    Am doing m.tec electronic now 2nd sem….i need idea about f m.tec electronic’s project’s in which field is better to go for vlsi/embedded/fpga/imageprocessing/communication…

  36. 14
    israr ali:

    i m in b-tech 3rd year having electronics n comm. branch.
    i have scored 90.56 percentile in GATE 2010, i belongs to OBC category n my father serves in ARMY too, i want to know which are the universities or institutions where i may get addmission for persuing M-Tech.

  37. 13

    hi sir,
    i hav 341 score in gate.my Reg. no. is EC 2092352 & percentile is 81.86% i belong to OBC categry & my AIR is 13751……..plz tell me which clz i hav for admission.

  38. 12
    hemant kumar:

    hi sir,
    i hav 279 score in gate. i belong to SC categry……..plz tell me which clz i hav for admission.

  39. 11

    Hi, i am a btech (ECE) final year student in yamunanagar(haryana).i want to do correspondence mtech.plese guide me which university is good and also which subject is good for a prospectful job.
    reply soon…

  40. 10

    Sir, I am doing my final semester B.E.(ECE) at Chennai. I am confused on what to do later. I have these options in my mind. They are 1) M.Tech ( Which subject is good for a prospectful job). 2)MBA 3)IES 4) Job for 2 yrs and an MBA later. Kindly guide me, as my parents are both Doctors.
    Thanking you in anticipation,

  41. 9

    Is there any admission fee for m.tech cource? If yes then i want fee structure of that.

  42. 8

    plz tell me that in which subjects an electronic and communcation engg can pursue m tech.give mei information about all possile options available for me.also which is the best option.i m in third year .rply me as soon as possible.thanks

  43. 7

    i m doing b.e. from gujarat technological univercity(gtu)
    can i do m.tec from svnit surat?
    if yes then how?

  44. 6

    is there a possibility to do M.tech aerospace engg. after B.tech(e.c.e)?

  45. 5

    how many years it takes for completion?

  46. 4

    can u tell me the institutes in north india who provide Mtech/ME IN ELECRONICS & COMMUNICATION related trades

  47. 3
    Abhinay Mishra:

    Dear sir

    Please tel me about M. Tech. in ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION in detail. As soon as

  48. 2
    Nilanjana Subuddhi:

    What are the best colleges to pursue mtech in distance learning in IT?Does distance learning mtech given same value as regular mtech?when to enroll for this program?please inform me in detail.

  49. 1

    Sir I would like to pursue MBA or MTECH corespondense in Telecom