Ness Technologies Placement Preparation Tips and Placement Process


Ness Technologies is a reputed software company which provides IT services to various clients. Software product labs are the major attraction of this company. Several independent software vendors and reputed organizations are benefited from these labs. Those who aspire to work in this reputed company should qualify all the stages specified in the recruitment process.

Ness Technologies Placement Test

The first round of the recruitment process is a written test. Only objective questions will be there in this written test with four options given as answers. Candidates should select their option so as to obtain the specified marks. They will get marks only if the selected option is right. There will be 50 questions from Aptitude, Reasoning and Verbal Ability sections. Also there will be 75 technical questions from the areas given below.

  • C
  • C++
  • Core Java
  • J2EE

The total questions will be distributed unequally among these four sections. More questions will be asked from Core Java and J2EE.

Ness Technologies Placement Group Discussion

Candidates can attend the Group Discussion round only if they have scored well during the written test. In this round, candidates should have to discuss about the topic given on the spot. They can prepare for the discussion within a small period of time. Communication skills will be mainly evaluated during the group discussion. Certain personality traits will be also assessed during this stage.

Ness Technologies Placement Interview

There will be three rounds of technical interview and one round of HR interview for the placement process of Ness Technologies. Those who are short listed from the group discussion can attend the first telephonic technical interview. Then there will be face-to-face interview with the technical lead and manager. Candidates can attend the face-to-face interview only if their performance is highly satisfied during the telephonic interview. HR interview will be only there for the candidates who have performed well during all the technical interviews. Those who qualify this interview can fetch a job in Ness Technologies.

Ness Technologies Placement Test Preparation Tips

Candidates should prepare for the test by dividing their study time between aptitude section and technical section. They should give more time to learn the programming languages like C, C++ and Java. They should refer various textbooks written by experts to understand the basics of these languages. They can prepare for the aptitude section during the remaining time. It is better to solve various question papers to score well in the aptitude section.

Ness Technologies Placement Group Discussion Preparation Tips

Candidates should develop their communication skills by speaking in front of friends and relatives. Newspapers and magazines will help them to gain awareness about the current happenings. They should note down the main points about the topic during the time given for preparation and take the initiative to start the discussion. If they do not have any point, then they should listen to others and get an idea about the topic. They should then express their opinion during the right time.

Ness Technologies Placement Interview Preparation Tips

It is very difficult to qualify the technical interview, if the candidates are not thorough with the basics of technical subjects. Therefore the candidates should give more importance to technical subjects while preparing for the interview. It is better to browse through different websites having discussion forums to get an idea about the interview questions. Candidates should face the HR interview with confidence even though it is quite simpler than technical interview.



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