NET Comparative Literature (Paper III) Papers


NET stands for National Eligibility Test. This is an entrance exam that is to be taken by all those who want to pursue PhD courses in different streams and also by those who want to get themselves in the post of University professors. There are compulsory papers that the candidates have to answer. The candidates also need to answer elective papers. Comparative literature is one of the elective papers. Comparative literature papers consist of three sub papers and this article is about paper 3.

Contents of the paper

The paper is mainly about the history of various languages and the works of these languages. The paper is totally descriptive type. The paper consists of four sections.  Section 1 consists of two essay type questions and both of them have to be answered. Internal choices are available within the questions. Section 2 consists of three questions. All the questions have to be answered. No choices are available in this section. Section 3 consists of nine questions and section 4 consists of five questions. The questions in both the sections are compulsory. There are no objective questions in the paper. There are a total of 26 questions in the paper and all the 26 have to be answered

Distribution of marks

The paper is for a total of 200 marks. The candidates need to score at least 50% to pass the exam. Marks will be penalised if a candidate fails to keep the word count of the answers up as per the instructions printed in the question paper.

Time for completing the paper

The duration of paper is 150 minutes and the candidates will not be allotted any reading time since the exam is competitive. No extra time will be allotted whatever the case might be.

Books that must be referred

Here is a list of must-refer books:

•    Past of languages by P.K Sasikaran.
•    Folk literature by William Herbert
•    Translation theory by Tom Jeff.

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