The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad


If you are looking for world class education in English and foreign languages then, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad is the best option available in India. The university aim at clearing the basics and then give the best education to its students. Let us have a look at various schools and department of English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad:

1. English Language Education

i. Department of English as Second Language (ESL) Studies

ii. Department of Materials Development Testing and Evaluation

iii. Department of Training, Development and Education

2. Language Sciences

i. Department of Phonetics and Spoken English

ii. Department of Linguistics and Contemporary English

iii. Department of Computational Linguistics

3. English Literary Studies

i. Department of English Literature

ii. Department of English Literature of Common Wealth Countries

iii. Department of American and Caribbean Literatures

iv. Department of Literary Theory and Criticism

4. Distance Education

i. Department of English Language Teaching, Linguistics and Phonetics

ii. Department of Literature in English

iii. Department of Distance Education in Foreign Languages and Literatures

5. Communication Studies

i. Department of Media and Communication

ii. Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

iii. Department of Film Studies and Visual Communication

6. Inter – Disciplinary Studies

i. Department of Arts, Aesthetics and Comparative Philosophy

ii. Department of Comparative Literature

iii. Department of Culture Studies

iv. Department of Social Exclusion Studies

v. Department of Hindi and Indian Studies

vi. Department of Translation Studies

7. Middle – East And African Studies

i. Department of Arabic Language and Linguistics

ii. Department of Arabic Literature

8. Asian Studies

i. Department of Chinese, Japanese and Korean Studies

ii. Department of Persian Studies

iii. Department of Turkish Studies

9. German Studies

i. Department of German Language and Linguistics

ii. Department of German Literature

iii. Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

iv. Department of Austrian and Swiss German Literatures

10. Romance Studies

i. Department of French Studies

ii. Department of Francophone Studies

iii. Department of Hispanic Studies

iv. Department of Portuguese Studies

v. Department of Italian Studies

11. Russian Studies

i. Department of Russian Language and Linguistics

ii. Department of Russian Literature



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33 Responses to “The English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad”

  1. 33
    swati jain:

    Is this universty provides diploma courses as well ,because I have completed my MA and now I want to know what kind of diploma courses I can do which can help me to get a job?

  2. 32
    clinty shaji:

    tell me about admission procedure?

  3. 31
    Rohana Andaraweera:

    How to enter the CPD Story competition to attend Hyderabad seminar to be held in March

  4. 30
    Rohana Andaraweera:

    How to enter the CPD Story competition to attend Hyderabad seminar to be held in March

  5. 29
    Rohana Andaraweera:

    How to enter the CPD Story competition to attend Hyderabad seminar to be held in March

  6. 28

    when will the entrance exams for M.A. English (2012) be held?

  7. 27

    I want to be PHD student in English language and literature while i got my M.A in Teaching and my B.A in literature.Is it possible and what are the prerequisites?
    My husband is going to continue his PHD in civil engineering
    Please guide us in the educational process and if there is any dormitory and services for couples also inform us

  8. 26

    I wanna study M.A ENGLISH LITERATURE in English and foreign language university,hydrabad .Help me how to apply

  9. 25

    SUNDAR; 4TH OCT.2011
    I am interested to do English Teaching,Linguistics and Phonetics.
    please send me syllabus.

  10. 24
    Sabeer Bin Basheer:

    Hello There!
    I’m Sabeer from Kerala and studying B.A Arabic. I would like to be a Arabic to English and vice versa Translator. But, i don’t know where should i have to join after my B.A Course. Give me Guidance Please.

  11. 23
    Hamid Mohmmed Nour:

    My question is generally about master degree and how to apply for it and what is reqired also the duration and the fees and how to pay ? The dates of admmission ?

  12. 22

    I would like to do P.G in English language.Please tell me about entrance notification/when it is going to come usually?

    besides the above kindly furnish me the syllabus of ma english entrance exam syllabus

    looking forward for ur reply at the earliest

  13. 21
    rahmatollah soltani:


    i want to be phd student at Hyderabad can i do this?

  14. 20
    pinaz raut:

    what is the eligibility criteria for seeking admission ?
    what is scope in foreign language studies?
    how does it helps in building one’s career in the above mentioned field?

  15. 19

    Sir, now I am doing MA in English literature(2nd semester) but here the academic atmosphere is not good so I have decided to take the admission at EFL what is your suggestion and please tell me about entrance exam

  16. 18

    could you please provide me with the details of the MA english entrance exam notifications ?

  17. 17
    sasmita nayak:

    I want to know about the details of distance learning programme for English literature. I want to pursue MA in English literature. Please help.

  18. 16

    kindly provide the details of M A English entrance exam notification at Hyderabad center.

  19. 15

    sir,i would like to know more details about the distance education system.what all criteria are there for participating in BA English?

  20. 14

    Now , i want to rapidly improve my international language.Please give help me

  21. 13

    I would like to do P.G in English language.Please tell me about entrance notification/when it is going to come usually?

  22. 12

    I learned German. I would like to know which exam I have to write to get certification

  23. 11
    M Harish:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to learn to send e-mails and speaking to foreign customers for trading.

    Please advice which course is suitable and course details to join.

    Best Regards,
    M Harish

  24. 10

    I would like to the courses offered by the university for english in distance mode.

  25. 9
    vijaya Natharaj:

    Kindly provide details for the entrance examination for the admission of Integerated MA in English at Hyderabad Centre. This is for my son who is studying +2 in kerala.

  26. 8


  27. 7

    Dear Sir,

    i would like to learn arabic, i am faraway from hyderabad working in a Retail Store as a Manager, how can i learn forgien language. i am waiting for your reply

    thanks & Regars,
    suresh kasa

  28. 6
    Loreen Schober:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    my name is Loreen Schober and I am from Germany, Next year my school will be done and afterwards I am interested in studying in India for becoming a teacher.
    Could you send me some information?

    Yours sincerely,

    Loreen Schober

  29. 5
    H. Shariati:


    I’ve been a top and a distinguished student both in my B. A. and M. A. courses from some of the best Universities in Iran, which were both in Translation Studies. Right now as an M. A, graduate I am looking for available scholarships for my PhD studies in the same respected field.

    Wish you all the best.

    H. Shariati

  30. 4

    can i get the list of top colleges in INDIA for foreign languages

  31. 3
    Mrittika Sarkar:

    Pl. send me the details of the film and media studies course.

  32. 2
    Bholanath Chatterjee:

    I am interested to do
    i. Department of English Language Teaching, Linguistics and Phonetics - Distance Education &

    ii. Department of Phonetics and Spoken English- Language Science- if possible through distance mode.

    So, please let me know the procedure in details.

  33. 1
    Sujit Rao:

    I have applied for Junior Ex. Engg. post in Airport Authority of India through online. I am not able to find Syllabus for the exam on the website of AAI.
    Kindly help for the Syllabus.