NET Punjabi (Paper III) Papers


The National Educational Testing Bureau of University Grants Commission (UGC) has the responsibility of conducting the National Eligibility Test (NET). The test is conducted for various subjects and one of those subjects is Punjabi. The Punjabi has two papers Punjabi Paper I and Punjabi Paper II.

Division of the Punjabi Paper III Paper

There are four sections in the Punjabi (Paper III) Paper, namely Section I, II, III and IV. The maximum marks for the paper is two hundred marks.

Questions and Markings

Section I has a maximum of five questions, and each carries a maximum of five marks. Candidates have to answer all of them, and each in about thirty words.

The Section II has fifteen questions, each carrying a maximum of five marks. Each of the questions has to be answered in about thirty words.

Section III has different Electives or Specialization part, and each part carries five questions, and each question has a maximum of twelve marks. Candidates have to answer any one of the part, and each of the question in that part, in about two hundred marks.

Section IV has three different Essay types’ questions, and candidates have to answer any one of them in about 1000 words. The maximum marks for each of the question are about forty marks. Candidates are advised to solve previous years question paper in order to retain a high marks in the exam.

Time Duration

The time duration of the exam is two hours and thirty minutes.

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