News Reporter - How to become a News Reporter?


The role of a news reporter is very much important in the present scenario. They collect information from all areas and present it before the public. The job as a news reporter is really risky and is really challenging. News reporters are widely known as journalists. They are considered as the back bone of every media like news paper television channels etc. It is the social responsibility of the reporter to present authentic report.

Qualifying Exam

The candidates who pass the journalism or mass communication examination can plan their career as news reporter. The media industry always prefers young and talented youth which can deliver their in reporting exclusive, authentic and valid reports.

Who is eligible to apply?

The candidates after their twelfth class can opt for journalism course or mass communication course to become eligible to seek the career as a news reporter. The candidates with diploma in journalism are also eligible to become news reports. The candidates after their degree can do their post graduation in mass communication or journalism which provides much better opportunities. The candidates who are experienced in media industry are also treated eligible.

Key points in the process

  • The candidates should be a graduate in mass communication or journalism
  • Those with diploma in mass communication can also choose the career as news reporter.
  • Candidates with experience in the media industry are given preference.
  • Those with higher degree are in demand by the media industry.
  • They should maintain their relationship and should update with current information and search for exclusive news.

Skills required for a news reporter

The candidates who wish to be in the news reporting area should be really smart and talented. They need to have good communication and interpretation skills. They need to search for authentic news and should be able to tackle stress and difficult situations. They need to be really energetic. They need to develop respectful relation with others. They should be vigilant and updated with current news. They need to have deep subject knowledge in the area in which they are specialised in their report. They should be hard working also. To be successful as a reporter dedication and interest towards the job is inevitable.



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  1. 10
    amit dubey:

    M.A in mass com ,i want to be a tv reporter

  2. 9
    seema krishna:

    I am doing BA honrs from BHU my subjects are ENGLISH LIT, PHILOSOPHY AND HISTORY OF ART. I want to become a news suggest me what should do?

  3. 8

    i want to become a popular reporter in mass communication,social services,i love this job very very very very much,i want to achive this,now am completed 12th then pls am kindly request you to which coures i will take pls help me

  4. 7
    rakesh gurjar:

    [email protected]

  5. 6
    ritika sharma:

    hii..i’m ritika student of final year. what i do further for news reporte/anchor??

  6. 5
    nilesh kalokhe:

    whats the terms and condition required to become newspaper editor or establish owns news paper.

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    Sunil Kumar Dogra

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    sufiya ali:

    what education is needed after 12th for news reporter?

  10. 1
    navya: navya pursuing my final yr and i want to become a news reporter can u plz tell me that what should i study next in order to get into media field..