Salaries after LLM


The Masters degree in Law (LLM) is a two-year postgraduate degree course. Those who have successfully completed the bachelor degree in Law are eligible to undergo the same. The course offers in depth knowledge in specialized areas of law. The specializations can be carried out in areas of human rights, tax law, intellectual property law, corporate law and governance, insurance law, constitutional law and criminal law. The course allows aspirants to work in their interested area of specialization. One can find a lot of job openings after the completion of the same. The professionals who completed the course can build up a promising career with lucrative salary packages.

Salaries after LLM in Government Organizations

Law Professionals can find a lot of job opportunities in legal departments of public sector. The selection of the eligible candidates is made through certain competition exams carried out by UPSC, SSC or state Public Service Commission. At the entry level, the candidate is assigned with junior level job positions. They can move in to senior level positions by gaining experience in the area. The salary packages will also increases as the employee get promoted to senior positions. The initial compensation package offered for the LLM graduate may fall with in the range of Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 15,000/-. The major employers of law professionals in public sector are

  • National Investigation Agency
  • Government Law College
  • Ministry of Social justice & empowerment
  • National Law University
  • Department of law & Legal Affairs of Government of India

The aspirant can have the role of Legal Assistant, Law Enforcement Officer, Prosecutor, etc in these organizations.

Salaries after LLM in Private Organizations

LLM graduates can get a lot of opportunities in private sector also. They can get in to the role of senior legal advisors or councilors in such firms. These professionals can do well in the role of consultants, law reporters, company secretary etc in private sectors. The salary packages offered for these positions may fall with in the range of Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 20,000/- The remuneration may vary in accordance with the nature and responsibilities assigned with the job.

Remuneration after LLM in Private Practice in India and Abroad

The law professionals can find enormous job openings with adequate salary packages outside India also. Those who undergo private practice outside the country are rewarded well when compared with Indian equivalent. The salary packages offered depend on the skills and experience of the individual in the legal field. International lawyers are rewarded with approximate salary of $68000. They are offered with adequate perks and bonus also.



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