About the exam:

NIMCET is one of the most popular exams which are conducted by the National institute of technology for the entrance in the 1st year of MCA programme. This is a common entrance test for the admission in all the National Institute of Technology’s.

Eligibility Criteria for entrance exam:

First condition for the candidates is that they should be citizen of India to sit for this exam. Also, they should have obtained 60 % in their class 12 examinations from a recognised board/University as well as in the graduation. Also, Mathematics/Statistics/Business-Mathematics should be in their course in the graduation at least in a single semester.

Mode of examination:

Examination of the paper is based upon objective type questions. These questions are of multiple choices type. Each question carries equal marks in it and there is penalty for each wrong answer. 1/4th marks allotted to a question will be deducted. There are 120 questions in the paper. Questions asked are of graduation level ranging from Set theory, probability, Statistics, Algebra, Co-ordinate geometry, Calculus, Vectors, Trigonometry, Analytical ability & logical reasoning, Computer Basics, Data representation and General English. 40 questions from Mathematics, 10 from Computer awareness, 55 from Analytical ability & logical reasoning and 15 from general English are asked in the paper.

Preparation tips:

Students should revise the syllabus to get a sound knowledge in the subjects. Also, mock test session should be done to improve the speed of solving a paper as no. of questions are more and time limit is very less.

Total marks and time:

Maximum marks assigned to the paper are 480 and time duration of the paper is 2 hours only.

Reference Books:

  • Arihant MCA Entrance Test by Amit M. Agarwal
  • S. Chand’s Guide for M. C. A. Entrance Examination
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