Pay scale for Project Associate in Government Jobs


Project Associates are involved in all aspects of implementation of a particular project for an organization. Normally, candidates who wish to become project managers will have to begin their career by working as Project Associates since this position will offer them all sorts of experience needed for becoming a Project Manager. In most of the government organizations in India, Project Associates are paid on consolidated monthly pay basis rather than as pay scale basis. Government organizations offer a pay scale of not less than Rs. 9000 per month for the position of Project Associate.

Recent job notification and pay scale:

Recently the following government organizations called for applications from eligible candidates for the position of Project Associates. In addition, the pay scales announced by those organizations are also given below:

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing – Rs.12000 to Rs.18000 per month

Bihar Rural Livelihood Projects – Rs.14400-21500

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Mohali - Rs.19400-29700 per month

DOEACC Society –Rs.9000-10500

From the above-mentioned job notifications, it is clear that candidates can expect a pay scale of not less than Rs.9000 per month for the position of Project Associate.

Educational qualification:

The educational qualification required for the position of project associate differ from one organization to another based on the project for which the candidates are appointed. However, in most of the cases, Bachelor of Engineering/Technology graduates are appointed for this position and some of the branches from where engineering graduates are recruited are:

Electrical Engineering

Electronics Engineering

Civil Engineering

Mechanical engineering

Instrumentation engineering

Selection Procedure:

Candidates are recruited for the position of Project Associate based on their performance in the interview. However, some organizations do conduct written test for selection of candidates for the position of Project Associates.

Purpose of the position:

The primary objective of an organization, which recruits candidates for the position of Project Associate, is to ensure that a particular project to be handled by the organization goes on well with efficiency and within the terms agreed upon. This needs constant oversight of the project to make sure that activities are being carried out effectively without any interruption and here comes the role of Project Associates. They will be responsible for analyzing the performance of the project work and should report the progress to the project manager. In the case of any flaws in the implementation of the project, they will be responsible for making corrective actions in such a way that project goes on without any interruption.

Skills needed for the position:

Apart from educational qualification, candidates looking to find placement in the position of Project Associate should possess some personal attributes like willingness to take initiative, ability to work with a team, communication skills, self-motivation skills and attention to details since these skills will enable them to take on the project successfully for the organization.

Responsibilities of Project Associate:

Project Associates are involved in all aspects of the implementation of project and this might include making suggested corrections if required, analyzing data, reporting and monitoring the progress of the project and ensuring proper implementation of activities pertaining to the project.



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