PhD in Psychology Vs PsyD - Which course is better?


Both the courses, PhD in psychology and PsyD, are the doctoral degree programmes in Psychology. Even though both are doctoral degree courses and deal in the same field, they differ in many aspects.  

PhD in Psychology

PhD programmes in Psychology are meant for creating the psychologists who not only understands and researches about the subject, but also implements it. These graduates are well trained to become experts of research-based knowledge. The PhD degree ranges in the importance they put on research and practice while some other programmes give stress on crating scientists. In these programmes, graduates usually spent more time in research rather than in practice related activities. PhD in psychology graduates research on the related field of subject. They usually do not engage in relevant activities. But most of the PhD programmes integrate scientist and practitioner models, which creates graduates who work both as researchers as well as practitioners. And this particular programme PhD in psychology can be chosen by the graduates who are interested to engage in a career as researcher or who wishes to be in the teaching field. This PhD programme gives more flexibility in career options.


PsyD is the professional degree programme which is meant for creating the professionals who are engaged in the applied work in the related field. Most of the students opt for the doctoral degree in psychology to conduct practice rather than research. For this the PsyD programmes are designed for graduates who wish to take up their career as a practitioner in field of psychology. The programme provides the students with a wide range of training and knowledge in the therapeutic techniques and various supervised experiences. The PsyD graduates are the experts in the practice related knowledge and experience, but they need to be familiar with the research methodologies as well. In short, they are trained to be practitioners of research based knowledge.

Key differentiation between PhD in Psychology and PsyD

After the completion of PsyD programme, professionals get a doctoral degree in Psychology whereas those completing the PhD in psychology are awarded the doctorate in Philosophy degree in clinical psychology. Another major key difference between them is that the PhD in psychology emphasis on the research in related field whereas PsyD programme focuses more on the clinical training.

Which course is better?

Both the courses are the doctoral degree programmes that are focused in the psychology field. But PhD programme is only based on the research activities. It does not involve in the clinical training. On the other hand, in the PsyD programme students are given training in various clinical settings in addition to the relevant knowledge. So it is better to choose PsyD course than PhD in psychology, for those interested in career as practitioners of psychology.



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