PTU B. Tech in ECE 8th Sem. Satellite Communication Papers


Satellite Communication is one of the most needful areas of research and work. The field is the main source of telecommunication in the present time. GPS connections, location services etc. are best on this. There are lots of other areas in which there are research going on.

Importance of the paper:

Paper of Satellite Communication is very good to continue study and the area provide lots of job opportunities to the students. Every communication devices in the present time is directly attached to the Satellite communication.

Paper Pattern:

Paper of Satellite Communication consists of 8 questions in it and from these questions only 5 are to be attempted. These questions are of equal marks. There are division of questions into 2-4 sub-questions. In some of the questions, there are requirement of flow chart.

Frequently asked question:

Questions in the paper are such as satellite bandwidth, functional elements of a satellite tracking system, mobile satellite service, short notes on GPS receiver &GPS codes, importance of reliability in the design and construction of Satellites, number of slots in a frame, length of TDMA frame, uplink and down link design in geo-stationary satellite system, short notes on Telemetry Tracking and Command System, Orbital Perturbations, advantages & disadvantages of Geosynchronous Orbit, Design Consideration of a Satellite Communication Systems, frequency allocation for Satellite Services, definition of satellites, atmospheric drag, free-space transmission, cascade amplifiers, absorptive network temperature, Kepler’s law etc.

Marks and time:

Total marks to be scored in the paper are 80 and time given to solve the paper is 3 hours only.

Recommended Books:

  • Introduction to satellite communication by Bruce R. Elbert
  • Satellite Communication by MonojitMitra
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