PTU-B.Pharmacy 2nd Semester-Advanced Maths Papers


The paper of advanced Mathematics is a compulsory subject for every stream in this University. The subject helps to build a good base in the core subject like mathematics in the engineering degree.

Paper Description

Advanced Mathematics deals with the higher level mathematics which is required for engineering. nth order differentiation, nth order integration are some helpful topics.

Paper Pattern:

Questions in the paper are of subjective type and required a good knowledge in the paper. The questions in the paper are divided into 2 sections. Section A is of 1 short answering type question and all questions in this section are compulsory. Every question is to be answered in one sentence. Section B and C are of long answer type questions and required to be attempted 5 questions adding from both the sections. 2 questions from each section are to be attempted. Each question in the Section B and Section C are of equal marks.

Frequently asked questions:

Each question is to be solved step by step and marks are awarded for the process of solving. The paper contains questions such as Cayley - Hamilton theorem, polynomial theorem, differential equation, equational problem, method f variation of parameters, Stoke’s theorem, vector and probability etc. Questions asked are generally from the text books, so candidates should follow the books very seriously.

Total marks and time allotted:

Maximum marks in the paper are 60 and time allotted for this purpose is 3 hours only. Each question in the paper is of 8 marks apart from the first questions which are of 20 marks.

Recommended Books:

  • Engineering Mathematics by Das & Pal
  • Engineering Mathematics by TMH
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