PTU- B. Pharmacy 2nd Semester-Pharmaceutical Chemistry Paper III Papers


Punjab Technical University also known as PTU is counted among the famous and renowned Universities currently existing in the country. It provides an excellent academic platform for both the graduates and under graduates. B. Pharmacy is one of the most demanding courses among the new aged students. PTU not only provides a better infrastructure but also provides the students with highly qualified and experienced faculty for this course.

Description of the paper:

Pharmaceutical chemistry is termed as the study of up building of various chemical compounds in order to construct the curing drugs for human beings as well as for other organisms. This is not end. It also deals with the drugs meant for the cure of various drugs over dose. The subject even throws light on how to prepare a medicine with the right proportion of ingredient drugs.

Questions asked frequently:

There are few questions which are repeated year after year. The following important topics are seen in the paper quite often. These are:

From Hunkel’s rule; explain Hunkel’s 4n+2 rules with example.

Discuss mechanism of hydroboration oxidation.

Discuss effect of solvent on SN2 versus SN1 reaction giving example.

Mechanism of reaction of different types of organometallic compounds with alkyl halides.

Differentiate between stereo selective and stereo specific reaction with well defined examples.

Pattern of Paper:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Papers III of Punjab Technical University posses three sections i.e. section A, section B and section C. The total marks one can earn in the paper are 80. This paper consists of subjective as well as objective questions.

Section A, consists of short answer questions which are of 2 marks each and a total of 30 mark is provided to this section. This is a compulsory section and there are 15 questions in this.

Section B consists of 5 to 6 questions each having 5 marks. Students need to attend 4 questions. This section consists of long answer type questions.

Section C posses 4 essay type questions and from these 4 questions, candidates need to answer any three. Each question in this section is valued 10 marks.

3 hours time duration is the time allotted to the candidates to answer the paper.

Books recommended:

  • Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry by Sadtler
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry by David G. Watson
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