PTU M.Tech in Production Engineering Non Conventional Machining Processes Papers


The Punjab Technical University is a well reputed education center that guarantees quality knowledge and placement in almost every field of academic training. Located in Punjab, the University boasts of educating 3.25 million students in Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Architecture, Hotel Management and IT disciplines. It was established in 1997 as a technical Institution but growth in resources and development improved and introduced new fields and study subjects in due course of time.

About The Paper

The Question papers offer a variety of opportunities to come into the light of gaining knowledge and improving a student’s life in an academic career. The question paper ranges from honor’s to graduates along with bachelor and master’s degree simultaneously. The Non Conventional Machining complies with the advancement in the Machining world where new and indigenous technologies have overtaken the previous old ones. The question paper sticks to the basics and advanced efforts of Machining process in Industries.

Paper Pattern

The Question paper consists of an equally well divided section that holds equal marks. The question paper consists of 100 marks which are divided into five questions each of 20 marks. The paper set contains 7 total questions out of which only 5 are needed to be answered. Questions are based upon the theory of machining processes as well as some practical experiences. These questions are generally long answer type which holds equal marks divided into each part.

Full Marks and Time Allotted

The full mark is 100 and the time allotted for completing the Non Conventional Machining Process paper is three hours. Ethics and regulations during the examination time should be strictly followed.

Recommended Books

A huge collection of informative books are available for the subject that includes Unconventional Machining by M.K. Singh and 1001 Unconventional Machining by V. K. Jain. The new syllabus pattern (with effect from September 2003 session) is implemented to meet the requirements of current emerging field.

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