Reference books for M.Com Entrance Exams


Financial Accounting, Business Law, Auditing, Income Tax Law & Problems, etc are the main subjects covered under the syllabus of M.Com entrance exams. Financial Accounting by Dr. S.N. Maheswari , Guide to Company Law Procedures by M.C. Bhandari, Cost Accounting by M.L. Agarwal , etc are some of the popular reference books which are extensively used by candidates to prepare for M.Com entrance exam.

Areas covered under M.Com Entrance Exam

  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Company Law & Secretarial Practice
  • Business Statistics
  • Cost Accounting
  • Income Tax Law & Problems
  • Management Accounting & Financial Management
  • Auditing

Books on Financial Accounting

  • Advanced Accounting by Grewal and Gupta
  • Advanced Accounting by Radhaswamy and R.L. Gupta
  • Advanced Accounting by S.Kr. Paul
  • Financial Accounting by BS Raman
  • Financial Accounting by Dr. S.N. Maheswari
  • Financial Accounting by Jain & Narang
  • Introduction to Accounting by P.C. Tulasian

Books on Business Law

  • Business Law by Aswathappa K & Ramachandra
  • Business Law by Garg, Sareen, Sharma & Chawla
  • Business Law by Kapoor N.D
  • Business Law by M.C. Kuchhal
  • Business Law by Nabhi
  • Business Law by Tulsian

Books on Company Law & Secretarial Practice

  • Company Administration and Meetings by Tuteja
  • Company Law and Secretarial Practice by N.D. Kapoor
  • Company Law and Secretarial Practice by S.C. Kuchehal
  • Essentials of Company Law and Secretarial Practice by Dr. P.N. Reddy and H.R. Appanaiah
  • Guide to Company Law Procedures by M.C. Bhandari
  • Principles of Company Law by M.C. Shukla & Gulshan
  • Secretarial Practice by Ashok Bagrial
  • Secretarial Practice by M.C Kuchchal

Books on Business Statistics

  • Business Statistics by Agarwal
  • Business Statistics by Chikkodi & B.G. Satya Prasad
  • Business Statistics by J.S. Chandan
  • Business Statistics by Sharma
  • Elements of Statistics by Dr. Asthana
  • Statistical Methods by ELLAHANCE
  • Statistical Methods by S P GUPTA
  • Statistics by C B Gupta
  • Statistics by Dr. B N Gupta
  • Statistics Theory, Methods and Application by Dr. Sancheti & Kapoor

Books on Cost Accounting

  • Cost Accounting by Dutta
  • Cost Accounting by Jain & Narang
  • Cost Accounting by M. N. Arora
  • Cost Accounting by M.L. Agarwal
  • Cost Accounting by N.K. Prasad
  • Cost Accounting by Nigam & Sharma
  • Cost Accounting by S.N. Maheshwari
  • Cost Accounting by S.P. Iyengar
  • Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis by Horngren
  • Practical Costing by Khanna Pandey & Ahuja

Books on Income Tax Law & Problems

  • Direct Taxes – Law and Practice by Dr. Mehrotra and Dr. Goyal
  • Direct Taxes – Law and Practice by Bhagwathi Prasad
  • Direct Taxes – Law and Practice by Dr. Vinod K. Singhania
  • Direct Taxes by B.B. Lal
  • Income Tax by Gaur & Narang
  • Income Tax, Central Sales Tax Law and Practice by B.B. Lal
  • Law and Practice of Income Tax by Dinakar Pagare

Books on Management Accounting & Financial Management

  • Financial Management by I.M Pandey
  • Financial Management by James c Vanhorne
  • Financial Management by Prasanna Chandra
  • Management Accounting by B.S. Raman
  • Management Accounting by Dr. S.N. Goyal and Manmohan
  • Management Accounting by Dr. S.N. Maheswari
  • Management Accounting by Made Gowda
  • Management Accounting by R.S.N. Pillai and Bagavathi
  • Management Accounting by Saxena
  • Principles of Managerial Finance by Gitman

Books on Auditing

  • Auditing by Jagadeesh Prakash
  • Auditing by Pradeep Kumar
  • Auditing by Shekar
  • Auditing by TR Sharma
  • Practical Auditing by BN Tandon
  • Practical Auditing by Kamal Gupta
  • Practice of Auditing by Dinakar Pagare
  • Principles and Practice of Auditing by MS Ramaswamy

Practicing previous years question papers and referring the above prescribed text books can be quite effective to prepare well for the entrance exam. Systematic and thorough preparation on the different topics covered under the syllabus of entrance exam is necessary to clear the test with a good score.



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