Salaries after B.Sc Biology


A degree holder in Biology can find enormous job opportunities in a number of industries ranging from medicine to government research. The higher study options as well as the job opportunities for a Biology graduate are quite ample. A qualified candidate in Biology can obtain jobs in different departments of public sector through written examinations conducted by Central or State Government. Private sector also offers adequate job options to skilled candidates. The salary packages offered to these B. Sc degree holders in Biology is described below.

Salaries after B. Sc Biology in Government Organizations

Aspirants who have completed the bachelor degree in Biology can get in to government service only through the norms and conditions set forward by Government. They have to pass the written examinations and interview sessions to get a job in public sector. The candidate can’t expect much salary at the entry time itself. The salary packages of the employees may grow with experience and with promotion to higher job designations. Senior job positions offer colorful salary packages along with additional perks to individuals. Those who pursue higher studies after B. Sc Biology can have the opportunity to become a Scientist in biotic research. People in this hi-profiled jobs may get better remuneration where as an entry level candidate can earn in a range of  Rs. 5000/-to Rs.8000/- per month.

Salaries after B. Sc Biology in Private Institutions

As compared to the private sector, the salary package in public sector is initially low. It may improve as the candidate gains experience and expertise. A B. Sc degree holder in Biology can obtain jobs as assistant in research labs. At the entry level, they can earn up to Rs. 7000/- per month. Those who pursue BED degree after B. Sc in Biology can find jobs in schools as teachers. Salary structure for teachers may vary depending on the management running the institution. Anyway, the candidate can expect a basic salary of about Rs. 8000/- per month.

Remuneration after B. Sc Biology in Private Practice in India and Abroad

Career opportunities for Biology graduates are comparatively high outside India. The pay packages offered to these candidates is also high when compared with their Indian counterparts. They can find job opportunities in research sections of laboratories or they can find jobs as health analyst. Better amenities such as medical aids, traveling facilities, shelter etc are offered to employees working abroad. These packages are offered to those who are ready to work hard with determination to achieve success.



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