Scope of B.Tech


Bachelor’s in Technology is one of the fields where there are huge opportunities across the world. There are quite a few colleges which are offering courses in this field. It is important that quality of the candidates passing out is good. There are many areas where the candidates can specialize. They are required in various sectors like Information Technology, Electronics, Core sector, Research Field etc. India though being a developing country is considered to be a popular destination to get good B.Tech resource. The demand for these candidates is always high.

Higher studies options after B.Tech

The options available vary based on the specialization in Graduation. They have the option to go in for further specialization on those areas. Like candidates with a specialization in electronics have the option to go for courses like Master of Electronics in Applied Electronics, Master of Electronics in Electronics and Communication Engineering etc. Higher education courses include:

  • Masters in Technology
  • Masters in Science
  • Masters in Business Administrations
  • M.Phil
  • Ph.D

Other certification courses after B.Tech

There are quite a few certification courses available. Some of them include Certification courses after B.Tech Electronics and Communications, Certificate courses in Verilog and VHDL, Programming courses like ASP, JAVA, SAP etc. Candidates can choose the course which will help suit their career aspirations.

Career scope after B.Tech

On completion of the course the course the candidates should select the job based on area they aspire to reach heights. There are many instances where candidates take the first job they get. Later on they regret the decision taken. It is important to choose based on one’s strength. Like a candidate interested in the mechanical stream should take up a programming job only if it interests them. They have opportunities in various other areas like automobile, aerospace and also marine sector.

Jobs in Government Sector after B.Tech

It is important to update one self with the latest job opportunities. Especially in the case of Government jobs notifications will be issued for the same. It will be specifically mentioned as to who all are eligible to apply. There are Government jobs like UPSC exams like Civil Service, IES and also the public sector banks which do recruit B.Tech candidates. Other than there are various Government organizations like ONGC, HCL, ISRO etc which call for candidates with specific qualification.



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  1. 39
    Karan dangwal:

    What is the skope of enginarring

  2. 38
    v.sowmiya priya:

    Dear sir,
    i completed 12th with 76.16% now i want to do B.TECH-IT.but my family are saying now it is in bad position i want to know is it true? what is the scope of B.TECH-IT?what will be the minimum salary after completion of B.TECH-IT?

  3. 37
    satya prakash:

    sir,i complete in mechinical engineering.. i want to preparation IAS examnation..plz suggest me what’s the pattern of the exam and how to prepare for this exam …which book is perfect for this examnation..thanks..

  4. 36

    which trade is best for the student taking adm. in any govt. collages in haryana in 2012

  5. 35
    Amritpal kaur:

    what is the scope of computer science and engineering???

  6. 34

    1.what is the scope of B.Tech-IT?
    2.what will be the minimum salary after completion of B.Tech-IT?

  7. 33

    i m to much confuse.. what to do after 12… i taken. science side pcm.

  8. 32

    dear sir,
    please help me actually i m in 12th standard and i m given the final xam sir please help and resolve my problem that i m confused that which course i will apply i m interested in btech in electronics so please help me that its suitalbe for girls and it has future

  9. 31
    Dewansh kaushik:

    Which is the best branch in btech for job in ghaziabad

  10. 30

    exams for government jobs for cse branch in engg after january…….

  11. 29

    after polly

  12. 28
    Manoj Shrestha:

    To whom it may concern.
    Dear M/s,
    I am a student of Nepal. Recently I’ve given examination of grade 12.
    I am confused and still not fixed that which course would be better for me to join in India. My faculty is OMSP under Management. But now I want to study B.Tech taking either Computer Science and Engineering or IT. I wonder if I could study it though I am from Management Faculty.
    Further more i want to ask you that what I should do to join my Bachelor classes in India and if I should take classes for my entrance which course should I join. I heard that one should join C programming like C+ and C++ but I am still in confusion.
    I would get out of my confusion you do favor on me and support me.
    sincerely yours
    Manoj Shrestha

  13. 27

    Wat are the future prospects in petroleum engineering ?

  14. 26

    i have a choice bw bsc phy hons frm st. stephens n frm nsit in comp science! what is d best!help!!!!!!!

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    what will be the salary after

  16. 24

    what is the sallery after doing

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    wht will be the income after

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    Shayok Koley:

    Can I do MSc in Organic Chemistry after BTech?

  19. 21

    how many types of engineering are there and their names?which is best 2 do engineering?

  20. 20
    ketan suri:

    I am student of 12th ,i have vocational course and i want to pursue computers which would be the best course for me please help me from ketan suri

  21. 19
    prashant piyush:

    sir,i want to ask from u that which branch have more scope in electrical or computer science engg.
    plz give me right guidance………

  22. 18

    I wanted to know more about how can i give exams n it’s scope outside India?

  23. 17

    hey i have done my BE in IS&E i have got a job as a animation tester n salary is 15k so i just wanted to know s it good for me to go in this field and wat s the growth oppurtunities in this and wats the max salary…?

  24. 16

    wats the scope for animation testing after engineering and wats the maximum salary we can get in this field….?

  25. 15
    Kartikay Tomar:

    What is the scope in animation field & what is the average salary in this field?

  26. 14
    Prashant Kothari:

    In B.Tech there are many types of engg. Which one is the best & from which institute ?

  27. 13
    amit lamba:

    what is the future of electronics and communication engg. plz tell me

  28. 12
    sushant shukla:

    what is the scope of mca ?

  29. 11

    plz,tell me about gate exam after b-tech,how should i take participation in it?

  30. 10
    shatrujeet singh rathore:

    i have come in class9 and i cant decide what to take inscience stream

  31. 9

    At present i’m doing my B.Tech in computer science 3rd year..
    if i get sufficient GATE score can i persuade other group other than computer science?
    such as mechanical engg..
    (suggestions are appreciated)
    Thank You.

  32. 8

    i hv completed my 12th wit 62.50% but i m confused where to go after 12th i wanted to be holder in eletrical n software tceh.

  33. 7

    what are the requirements to take admission in B.TECH ?

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    what are the requirements to take admission in B.TECH

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    which is the best branch in to do?

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    which is the best branch in

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    scope or carrier in organic chemistry after 12

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    hi i m siddharth i have completed my 10th with 75%
    12th with 62% and graduation with 53% (as B.Sc. from P.C.M.)
    and i m confused ,where to go after 12th i wanted to be holder but it didn’t happened

    now i have two choices i.e. to get lateral entry in B.Tech 2nd year or M.B.A.

    i know to be a double graduate dosen’t mean to much.

  39. 1
    agam jain:

    which subjects we have to take in +1,+2 for
    how many marks we have to take for adm of
    what is the scope of for career?
    do we have to give any entrance test for