What to do after B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering?


Biomedical Engineering is an emerging specialization in the field of engineering which is a mixture of Science, Medicine and Mathematics. This field of engineering is highly related to Biomechanical Engineering and Biochemical Engineering. So the career scope of an aspirant with a B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering degree is really vast. They have various higher study options also available after B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering and there is a lot of scope for research also in this field. There are various certification courses also available after B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering which adds color to their career scope.

Higher studies options after B. Tech in Biomedical Engineering

There are a lot of higher study options for the aspirants after B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering which includes the following.

  • Master of Technology in Biomedical Engineering
  • Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Clinical diagnostic Techniques
  • Post Diploma Course on Clinical Engineering and Management
  • Post Graduation Advanced Diploma in Biomedical and Basic Clinical Research
  • Master of Business Administration

There are also various other higher study courses in the allied fields of Biomedical Engineering which enables them to work in several employment areas in various work profiles.

Job opportunities in for B. Tech Biomedical Engineering graduates

There are various job opportunities for Biomedical Engineers in both Public and Private sectors in India. They can look for a great career in teaching profession also. It is really a rewarding career. They have a great career abroad as well. There are various job profiles being enjoyed by aspirants with B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering degree some of which include the following.

  • Business Managers
  • Professors
  • Bioinstrumentation Engineer
  • Biomaterials Engineer
  • Systems Physiology Engineers
  • Research Scientists
  • Technical Writers
  • Clinical Engineers
  • Biomechanics Engineer

The salary packages may vary according to the work profile and the reputation of the organization. In Government firms they are also enjoying several other benefits apart from good salary packages. They can get into those firms by writing several tests conducted by UPSC, PSC and SSC.

There are various employment areas where a Biomedical Engineer can utilize his talents which include the following.

  • Clinics
  • Government Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Academic Institutions
  • Scientific and Research facilities
  • Design and Patenting
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industries

Short term courses after B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering

There are various short term and long term courses available in the field of Biomedical Engineering which adds color to their career scope. Some of the best certifications include testing and designing. Some of the job profiles demand certain certifications that are required for the proper awareness of the work pattern. If it is from a recognized authority then it will be beneficial while trying to get into some top organizations.



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    i completed my b.e in electronics & communication..can i do master in aeronautics or biomedical engineering??is there any other entrance test than GATE?

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    which is better course to go with after B.TECH in BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING???????
    MS or MBA..!!!!!!!!!

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    sokunbi sherifat:

    as someone that have a b.tech in biomedical technology.what can one do masters on/

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    please i want to know if any institution in india or african country that offered short term training program in biomedical engineering for people that have alread b.eng in electrical engineering.