Siemens Placement Papers


The Siemens Placement exam is conducted all over India at various venues including universities, colleges etc. to hire fresh graduates in the field of IT. The exam is conducted in the fourth or fifth semester. The paper has both technical as well as aptitude test level questions.

The paper begins with 20 analytical questions to be answered in the time duration of 15 minutes. There is another section called logical reasoning which again has 20 questions which need to be answered in the time duration of 15 mins again.  There is another section for technical questions worth 20 marks with duration of 15 mins. The questions here mostly include topics from Operating systems like semaphores, multi-threading, multitasking, Data Structures, etc. These questions are very simple to answer. There is one essay type question for 20 marks at the end of the paper.

Some important information you need to know is that BCP is one organization that bridges companies and colleges or universities for campus recruitment. The paper could be a lengthy one. There is some rough space provided for extra work but the student need to make sure that he or she must solve as many questions mentally as possible.

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