Some useful tips for preparing General Awareness Portion of Bank PO Exam (IBPS)


General Awareness in bank PO exams is a section meant for testing general knowledge of candidates and it is all about information and facts about a particular topic, which can be pertaining to nation, current affairs, religion, society or current events.

Importance of general awareness section in Bank PO Exams:

Normally, banks look for candidates, who are well-aware of the general events taking place in the society particularly in the banking industry and therefore it is essential that candidates should clear this section with 50 questions carrying 50 marks in the Bank PO Exams. The questions in this section evaluate the presence of mind of the candidates with respect to the industry to which they wish to enter (i.e.) banking. Therefore, to get good marks in general awareness, candidates will have to ensure that they are conscious about the key points in banking policy.

Question categories in General Awareness section:

Not only general awareness of candidates pertaining to banking industry, but their awareness with respect to other areas like latest news in politics, sports, etc…is also checked. Therefore, questions asked under general awareness section can be categorized under the following heads:

International and national organizations

Important days


Discoveries and inventions in science

Honors and awards

Books and authors


Who’s who

Budget and five year plans

Major finance/economic news

Current affairs

Study materials for general awareness section:

Since general awareness section is something pertaining to latest news, candidates can clear this section by keeping themselves updated about the current happenings in the society and reading newspapers on regular basis can be of great use to the candidates. However, some of the books that can be referred include:

Manorama Year book

NCERT class 11 and 12 economy books

Candidates can also get the help of web portals giving information regarding the current affairs in the society.

Tips to prepare for general awareness section:

Newspapers: Newspapers can offer a great share in enabling a candidate to score good marks in bank PO general awareness section. It is necessary to read newspapers on daily basis with focus on news pertaining to banking and business industry. Reading of newspapers will also be helpful for candidates in improving their English skills that can be of great use in solving English section of the PO Exam.

Television News: Watching latest news from television can also be helpful and since television news offer visual picture of latest events candidates can remember the latest events easily.

Noting down important information: Taking hints about latest events on a daily basis will be helpful for the candidates to have an immediate glance just before the examination.

Latest GK books: Not only latest newspapers, but also latest general knowledge books can enable candidates to score good marks in general awareness of bank PO Exams.

Online books: There are many GK books online and candidates can also have a look at these books for successfully clearing the general awareness section.

With these tips, candidates preparing for Bank PO Exams can easily clear their General Awareness section to get into their dream job in banking sector. All the Best for your Preparation!!!!



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