Tamil Nadu Class 12th Biology Papers


In Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Exams, Biology papers are one of the most well designed one. It is included in the part – III of the section. The paper code for this subject is B – 1041, and the maximum marks awarded for the subject is 150 in total. This total mark of 150 is further divided into two parts one is Botany which have 75 marks. This part is further divided into various sections, in section A it includes 14 marks, in section B it have 21 marks, in section C it have 20 marks and section D have 20 marks. On the other hand you have Part – II, which is Zoology. This also is divided into various sections, like section A have 16 marks, section B have 21 marks, section C have 15 marks, section D have 20 marks.

Since the entire paper is divided into two parts, like one part is for Botany and another part for Zoology, you will very well understand as well as can learn many in details about the subject, about various plants and herbs etc. On the other hand you will also learn about various animals, and will also keep a track about various living creatures.

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