Tamil Nadu Open University MCA Second Year Visual Programming Papers


Visual Programming is that type of programming which is based on graphics input rather than the text input and the manipulation in data and programme is done in the graphical method. Visual Programming is the programming with visual expressions, spatial arrangements of text and graphic symbols.

Which Pattern is followed?

The paper in Visual Programming consists of 14 questions. These questions are separated in 2 sections as short answering type and long answering type. Section A has 7 questions out of which you would be required to solve 5. Same goes with Section B as well, 5 questions to be answered out of a given 7 questions. Every question from a single group is of same marks.

Questions asked often:

Question asked often are such as object oriented programming concepts, concept of GDI, Write a VB program using select case statement, meaning of model dialog and modeless dialog, Comparison of SDI and MDI, the applications of OLE, concepts of Dynamic link library, various types of record set used in VB, simple communication program using multiple threads, steps involved in using a file in VC++ program, different types of context, concepts of splitter styles and splitter window, database programming through ODBC etc.

How to tackle the exam pressure:

Candidates should follow some steps to decrease the pressure before the paper; they should not read any new topic one day before the exam. At least one revision should be completed before you go on to write the exam. No questions should be left blank. Answers should be practised by writing it.

Marks assigned:

The paper is of 75 marks in it.

Time Allotted:

Time allotted is 3 hours only to solve this paper.

Best Books to study:

Visual Programming by A.A.Puntambekar

Visual Programming by Nan C. Shu

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